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Hot news at the Daily Telegraph calls for cool headsJuly 2009

The Daily Telegraph premises

Project: The Hub in the premises of The Daily Telegraph, London
Consultants: Comserve Ltd
Testing and Computer Modelling services: BSRIA Ltd

After many a year of the journalists at the Daily Telegraph having to work in an area not designed for the 250 that they number, the service director took the decision to carry out a feasibility study in how best to provide comfort cooling and heating to the area affectionately known as "the HUB".

Comserve Ltd based in Kings Langley Hertfordshire won the tendered contract and set about by employing BSRIA at the entry level on the project.

Existing design

Using the latest techniques in room modelling and CFD BSRIA was able to advise Stuart Wells of Comserve as to how exactly the existing system was working (or not as the case was). From this a scheme was designed and put forward to Greg King and his team at BSRIA in Bracknell.

BSRIA's built a model around the proposed use of Daikin ducted equipment supplying conditioned air to the "HUB" area via Grada swirl diffusers fitted with Belimo motors and supplied by Vent Express. These assist with a spot delivery system to allow a more defined control within the space. This in turn was controlled by a client specific control system provided by TAC.

BSRIA provided the following services:

New optimised design
  • On-site thermal comfort analysis and room air movement surveys
  • CFD simulations to assess the existing conditions and validate the proposed design

The thermal comfort analysis and room air movement surveys were carried out in order to quantify the thermal comfort and the performance of the existing ventilation system in an open plan office.
The objectives of the proposed programme were to: 

  • Monitor air temperatures and relative humidity levels in the specified zones
  • Carry out Room Air Movement (RAM) surveys in order to establish the average air velocities and air temperatures in the areas of interest
  • Monitor the average air velocities and temperatures in order to determine thermal comfort indexes.  

BSRIA used the CFD analysis to validate the current conditions in The Hub area and then incorporate the revised ventilation strategy into the model to provide a comprehensive airflow and comfort level predictions. The results of the analysis and predictions helped to assess the risks of cold draught occurring in the hub floor area with the proposed design.

Aesthetics was also a factor that needed to be adhered to as the indoor plant is located within a glass atrium open to viewing by the occupants on the 3 floors above the Telegraph floor. Therefore Comserve commissioned the design and build of lightweight step over platforms to enable good maintenance access whilst remaining in keeping with the existing surrounds.

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