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Government announces low carbon review of the construction industrySeptember 2009

Department for Business Innovation & Skills press release - 17 September 2009

At today's meeting of the Strategic Forum for Construction, Peter Mandelson announced that he was commissioning a review of the construction industry to ensure it was "fit for purpose" for delivering a low carbon future.

The review will assess the strengths of and opportunities for the UK construction industry in a low carbon economy and consider how the UK can be a world leader in this sector. This review will be led by the Chief Construction Adviser and will be undertaken by a mix of industry experts and those with wider business experience. The Chief Construction Adviser is expected to be appointed in November following the recruitment process, Keith Clarke, CEO of Atkins and CIC Chairman has agreed to chair the Construction IGT in the interim.

In New Industry New Jobs, the Government set out its intention to unlock potential in a number of specific growth areas - low carbon, the digital economy, life sciences and advanced manufacturing. Construction is one of the key sectors that will deliver these ambitions

Peter Mandelson said "The construction industry must now face the challenge of exploiting the advantages of the low carbon economy.  I am delighted that Keith Clarke has agreed to take this forward until the new Chief Construction Advisor is appointed to lead this important work. I am impatient for rapid progress."

The Rt Hon Nick Raynsford MP, Chairman of the Strategic Forum for Construction said "I welcome this announcement. Together with the recent decision to appoint a Chief Construction Adviser, it puts construction right at the front of the shop window. It is absolutely critical that the industry works closely with the Government on this agenda and we now have a clear focus and framework to ensure proper and strategic engagement."

The review will follow the "Innovation and Growth Team" model which has worked successfully in the past with both the aerospace and automotive sectors. The Construction Innovation and Growth team (IGT) aims to have its first full meeting in October.

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