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Government abandons domestic minor consequential improvementsDecember 2012

Current Building Regulations in England and Wales require Consequential Improvements - energy efficiency improvements to existing buildings triggered by extensions and certain other upgrades. At the moment, these only apply to buildings over 1000 m2, however the government consultation that ran earlier in 2012 proposed that Consequential Improvements would apply to smaller buildings, including dwellings.

Only improvements that met the "golden rule" for economic feasibility, and therefore qualified for Green Deal funding, would have been required. This proposal was picked up on by the mass media, which unfairly and inaccurately labelled it a "Conservatory Tax".

At the time, there were reports that the government had abandoned this proposal, however there was no official confirmation of this until 13th December. The Written Ministerial Statement confirming such regulatory proposals will not be going ahead at this point in time can be found at the GOV.UK website. As of yet, the government has not published the revised Building Regulations and Approved Documents that will come into effect in England in 2013. We will keep you informed as best we can!

Construction compliance

Stress-free compliance with Building Regulations, including airtightness, sound insultation and ventilation