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Fuel efficiency in the fast laneJanuary 2014

Viezu uses the Testo 350 to analyse exhaust gasses on high performance cars

The analysing of post combustion air to identify that the clean and efficient burn of the fuel and the resulting optimum level of performance of an appliance is a well-established practice in the commissioning and servicing of heating products. The analysing process is undertaken using a specialist piece of Equipment called an emissions analyser and involves a pre-adjustment check of combustion, some adjustment of the combustion chamber if required and then a post adjustment analysis to identify the impact of the adjustments made to the combustion process.

It is not immediately easy to identify the connection between a heating boiler and high performance car, but at the very heart of both is a combustion process which governs the efficiency of their performance and as BSRIA Instrument Solutions have just found out the same analysing equipment can be used to map the improvement in performance of products.

Viezu a company specialising in Engine Control Unit (ECU) enhancement have recently purchased a specialist Testo 350 complete with electro chemical cells from BSRIA Instrument Solutions, this allows them to analyse exhaust gasses on the high performance cars they are retuning. The Testo 350 is used pre and post the remapping process and this includes the measurement of NO and NO2.

ECU software recalibration is believed to be the best way of retuning an engine, as it accesses all of the engine controls and provides even power meaning there is no negative impact on the engine, with high performance cars the tiniest margins of improvement can have big difference in performance, the Testo 350 is so precise in its ability to detect change it can identify even the smallest improvements, making it the ideal tool for the fine incremental adjustments required in the tuning of a high performance car.

Viezu, based in Birmingham, have the advantage over a number of their competitors by having a rolling road which allows them to test under different loads and to undertake dynamic combustion testing. In addition Viezu use their Testo 350 for monitoring the piston ring integrity by checking for let by of combustion gas in the engine block.

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