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Flash+ airtightness workshop reviewApril 2012

BSRIA was pleased to host a workshop for Flash+ on airtightness at their office in Bracknell on Friday 20th April.

Delegates heard how to design and build for airtightness and then how to find the problems when the building leaks rather more air than is allowed under the design requirements. Although many people are now discussing the Building Regulations planned for 2013, most construction being completed now is to the requirements of 2006 Regulations. Under the 2010 regulations, commercial buildings will need tighter construction to meet the overall thermal performance and a larger number of dwellings will need to be tested on each development.

Much of the conversation was about the issues of very tight buildings and the problems of ventilating these buildings. Technically it was agreed there was no real problem - there are many possible solutions on the market, but standards of installation and commissioning are poor and householders have little idea of how to operate or maintain the systems.

The presentations can be downloaded here:



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