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Energy select committee member visits BSRIAJuly 2010

Andrew Eastwell (foreground left) shows Dr Phillip Lee MP (foreground right) BSRIA’s test laboratories.

Dr Phillip Lee, the newly elected MP for Bracknell, visited BSRIA for a tour of the offices and test laboratories and to hear more about our services in particular on energy efficiency for the construction industry.

As a member of the Energy and Sustainability Select Committee, Dr Lee will be much involved with issues around energy saving, and with nearly half of all the UK's energy consumed in buildings, this means an interest in building performance.

Staff from BSRIA talked about the work the company does in helping reduce the amount of energy used, by testing buildings for air leakage, monitoring the performance of individual items of plant, and learning more about how people use their buildings in an energy efficient, or sometimes, inefficient way. During his tour at BSRIA Dr Lee saw first hand many practical examples of plant and equipment under test and met with engineers involved in site measurements of innovative products being used to lower building carbon footprint.

Andrew Eastwell, BSRIA's Chief Executive, stressed: "BSRIA is not here to argue if the government's carbon reduction commitments are right or wrong, it is our task to find ways in which our members and clients can respond positively to the challenge."

With over 150 employees living and working in the Bracknell area the common interests of both employer and politician were explored in terms of maintaining and improving the local environment.