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Energy management survey resultsMay 2009

BSRIA launched its first annual Energy Management Survey in November 2008 to determine levels of commitment to energy management, implementation of energy saving initiatives and success of the strategies employed.

Below are the headline findings (or click here to download detailed results, commentary and charts):

  • 78% had an energy management policy with just over half having a dedicated Energy Manager
  • Over 80% recorded energy cost data, with over half paying bills based on actual readings, however, 23% did not know
  • Almost half were working on measures to reduce energy consumption, in preparation for the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and 9% had a budget for purchasing CRC credits
  • The highest commitment was in 'complying with energy legislation' and the lowest was 'communication of energy policy to customers'
  • The best scores for implementation were 'regular reporting of energy consumption data' and 'new procedures introduced to improve energy management'. The lowest commitment was 'a strategy for dealing with any future energy shortages'
  •  The highest score for performance was for 'setting targets to improve energy efficiency' and the lowest, 'measuring the effectiveness of renewable technology'


The survey results show a desire and commitment for companies to improve their energy management. However, it highlights room for improvement across all the elements. This survey will provide a benchmark for comparison in future years.

Click here to download detailed results, commentary and charts.

BSRIA runs a Operation and Maintenance Benchmarking Network, examining energy, maintenance costs, efficiency and services levels. For further information contact Tracey Tilbry on 01344 465512 or email