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Energy Efficiency in Buildings Joint Technology InitiativeNovember 2008

The European Parliament considers that Construction, and in particular low impact construction, is one of a few market leading sectors that Europe has to export to the rest of the world. Clearly the events of the past few years both in committing to aggressive targets for carbon reduction and in response to the possibility of an energy security problem, mean that innovation in construction is urgently needed to address the future needs of the sector.

The UK has been part of an effort to raise the profile of construction within the commission and the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) has been a very influential part of this process bringing together many companies from throughout Europe to agreement on the R&D issues that must be tackled.

Joint Technology Initiatives (JTI's) are very large scale programmes needed to tackle very large-scale issues. The Energy Efficiency in Buildings (E2B) JTI is one of six proposed for funding and the UK is very fortunate that Arup has taken the lead to keep UK within the decision-making framework to develop this programme.

BSRIA is also highly supportive of the E2B project and intends to play its full part. Whilst national programmes research such as the Low Impact Buildings programme that is being run by the Technology Strategy Board are very important, not all good ideas or R&D come from the UK, and BSRIA needs to be sure it is in a position to transfer new relevant knowledge back to its membership.

In order to succeed, the E2B project needs full engagement not only of the R&D community (such as BSRIA) but also companies in the front line of construction. This is to make sure that outcomes are not just academic wheezes but are grounded in practicality. Companies who become involved should be able to take full advantage of developing results in a "first mover" position in the marketplace.

Further information on the Association, the benefits it will bring to its members and how to join can be found in Arup's presentation or from the E2B website at  Alternatively, contact the UK co-ordinator direct,