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DurabRoads paper to be presented at 7th Transport Research Arena 2018 in ViennaJanuary 2018

BSRIA is delighted to announce that a paper under the DurabRoads EU Research Project has been selected to be presented and published at the Proceedings of the 7th Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2018, Vienna from Monday 16th – Thursday 19th April 2018.

The DurabRoads project team led by UNICAN shall present a paper titled ‘Development of greener and climate resilient roads’ under the theme of ‘Safe, Secure and Resilient Transport Systems. BSRIA’s key contributions were in undertaking a life cycle assessment and life cycle costing analysis of the asphalt mixes researched in the DurabRoads project to assess their environmental impacts and economic feasibility.

The principle objective of the DurabRoads project was to design, develop and demonstrate cost-effective, eco-friendly and optimized long-life roads which are more adapted to freight corridors and climate-change by means of innovative designs and the use of greener materials improved by nanotechnology.

Digitisation, automatisation and decarbonisation are major trends that will drastically change the way we live, work and use mobility and transport in the future. Under the heading of A Digital Era for Transport, the TRA 2018 will explore, discuss and demonstrate these “major paradigm shifts” specifically directed at important areas of our life, such as transport, mobility, logistics and industrial production.

Divya Deepankar, Research Engineer, BSRIA Sustainable Construction Group, said:

“The DurabRoads FP7 project has recently concluded and I am thrilled to have been a co-author of this paper – with the other leading experts from the consortium.

The Transport Research Arena 2018 is a sphere for researchers, companies and public authorities active in the field of transport. Given BSRIA’s breadth and depth of aptitude and proficiency in this area of expertise – BSRIA’s contribution to the DurabRoads study focused on the life cycle assessment and life cycle costing analysis of the DurabRoads asphalt mixes. BSRIA’s study concluded with graphical results of the assessment to select the scenario that has the lowest environmental impacts and the lowest life cycle costs for the total road system.

In the scientific and technical sessions at TRA 2018, a broad spectrum of research and innovation activities will be highlighted, covering research findings, socio-economic aspects, policies and standards.”


Category: Safe, Secure and Resilient Transport Systems.
Paper title: Development of greener and climate resilient roads.
Co-author: Divya Deepankar, Research Engineer, BSRIA Ltd.
List of authors: Israel Rodríguez-Fernández; Pablo Pascual-Muñoz; Pedro Lastra-González; Irune Indacoechea-Vega; Raquel Casado-Barrasa; Daniel Jato-Espino; Daniel Castro-Fresno; Divya Deepankar; Gáspár László.

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Life Cycle Assessment With DurabRoads:

DurabRoads is an EU Funded FP7 Research Project which started in 2013 and composed of a Consortium of nine partners from the EU.

Europe is living an economic downturn with a consequent need of adaptation for all the sectors.

In the road sector, each km consumes a large amount of materials and energy not only in the construction but also in the maintenance. The development of new technologies and systems will provide a more affordable, durable, safer, greener and cost-effective road infrastructure.
In addition, negative effects of extreme weather conditions caused by the climate change, the significant increase of traffic flow in certain motorways due to the opening of freight corridors and the technical limitations of current materials and procedures are starting to have a significant influence on the reduction of the asphalt pavements lifetime not only in Europe but also globally. As consequence, this deterioration will increase construction, maintenance and rehabilitation works, reducing the network availability and, hence, causing an additional and costly extra investment.

BSRIA’s role primarily involves the Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing analysis of the materials researched in DurabRoads (

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