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Domestic RHI scheme updates on biomass and heat pumpsFebruary 2015

The Department of Energy & Climate Change’s (DECC) Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which is administered by Ofgem, consists of two schemes, the Non-Domestic RHI (launched in November 2011) and the Domestic RHI (launched in April 2014). It offers payments for heat generated by renewable sources complying with each scheme’s eligibility requirements (for example using approved products, fuels and for the Domestic scheme MCS certified installers).

Recent updates to the Domestic scheme include a reduction in tariff (degression) for biomass based systems and the inclusion of specific biomass cooker stoves as eligible systems, as well as clarity around the installation and output estimation procedures for high temperatures heat pumps. The Domestic scheme accepts applications for ‘legacy’ installations – those which were commissioned after 15 July 2009 and before the scheme launch. The Domestic RHI website and the Non-Domestic RHI website are located on the Ofgem website.

BSRIA sits on the Industry forum for DECC’s domestic RHI scheme which Ofgem is delivering.


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