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Domestic hot water monitoring resultsJune 2009

During the period March 2006 to September 2007 BSRIA carried out detailed monitoring of domestic hot water consumption in 120 dwellings across the UK. The project was managed by the Energy Saving Trust on behalf of Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) with the data analysis and this report produced by the Energy Monitoring Company

The study had four principal objectives: the real-time monitoring of water consumption and associated energy requirement, the identification of the patterns of usage in terms of times and temperatures, the comparison of the results obtained with BREDEM assumptions, and the identification of where in the dwelling domestic hot water was consumed. Although the volumetric usage of hot water was in line with BREDEM it was determined that the average temperature rise of water from cold feed to hot delivery was significantly lower than that currently assumed in BREDEM. Using BREDEM would therefore overestimate the actual energy consumption associated with domestic hot water use.

Click here to download the full Energy Saving Trust report (pdf 262KB). 


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