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Domestic heating controls market forecast to grow 22% by 2017August 2014

With a growing and changing market for Domestic Heating Controls, BSRIA have now commenced a brand new study on European hydronic heating and cooling controls with separate analyses covering France, Germany, Italy, Poland and UK plus a rest of Europe analysis. The study will be segmented into both residential and commercial buildings reports, including detailed valve and valve actuator analysis.

Domestic heating controls market product type forecast by volume

This is a very timely study due to the strong drive towards energy efficiency and savings that has been observed in all EU countries as a result of climate protection targets, hydronic controls in both commercial and domestic applications have gained increased importance.

Technology development is resulting in significant changes in the way hydronic heating systems can be controlled in order to make them more efficient and less expensive to run. Manual controls increasingly make space for electronic controls that can respond to the changing environmental conditions and needs both outside and inside the building. The trend towards connecting them to customers’ mobile devices is also starting to drive the market, giving it an exciting perspective for the future.

BSRIA will provide information on the market size, market segmentation and forecasts for the coming five years. Market competitive environment and market shares will be also be presented.

Preliminary work and information from other research has revealed the following:

The market can be segmented into a number of market segments

  • Hydronics controls including valves and actuators
  • System controllers
  • Room thermostats

Previous BSRIA research has shown that across Europe the market is worth some Euro 1.7 billion and that the market for these products is over 40 million units unit’s per annum in France, Germany and UK alone.

Against the backdrop of a flat market at best for boilers, we are expecting a remarkable 22% growth over the forecasting period.

Domestic heating controls market country comparison smart homes versus traditional

The proportion of heating controls that is “smart” i.e. part of a smart home or a HEMS i.e. part of centralised multi-functional control is already significant in Germany and other parts of Europe and is set to grow further.

The new study will provide a comprehensive analysis of market size, segmentation, drivers and will identify the key players by product type in each market.

Products covered in the study include:

Valves: Balancing, Ball, Butterfly Diverting, (including zone), mixing, pressure reducing, manifold, safety, thermostatic mixing, other specialised types.
Radiator valves: TRV (non-electric), TRV (programmable), other radiator valves (MRV)
Actuators: Linear and rotary Valve type, Thermal
System controllers: switches, sensors, weather compensators, multizone controller
Room thermostats: non-programmable, programmable

Domestic heating controls market by product (value)

This brand new BSRIA study will include all hydronic control valves, including commercial boiler and chiller circuits for cooling. Despite the importance and growing dynamic of this market, there is no comprehensive overview available in regards to the size and segmentation of the market for the products. Heating and cooling controls embrace a wide portfolio of very different types of products that are not easy to define precisely. Thanks to the good and longstanding relationship BSRIA has with manufacturers of heating controls, the company is strongly positioned to provide a reliable overview of well-defined hydronic heating and cooling controls.

BSRIA will provide information on the market size, market segmentation and forecasts for the coming five years. Market competitive environment and market shares will be also be presented.

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