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Design guide for energy efficient pumping systemsMay 2010

BSRIA in collaboration with BRE and the industry, is producing design guidance on the most energy efficient design solutions for re-circulating heating and chilled water pumping systems.

The project will be guided by the steering group formed from the industry partners including : 
Danfoss, Frese, Belimo, SAV UK, Andrew Reid & Partners, Crane Fluid, Herz Valves, Grundfos.

BSRIA invites also others from the industry to join the project, to steer the work and to demonstrate their commitment to delivering the most effective and energy efficient solutions to clients.

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Determine the most energy efficient design solutions for re-circulating heating and chilled water systems.
  • Establish design guidance that encourages larger design temperature differentials in heating systems.

This is a continuation of the Phase I which was completed in 2009 highlighting nine factors that affected the energy consumption of pumping systems.

Different design solutions will be modelled and assessed to determine which of them achieves the lowest pump energy consumption in practice. Alternative circuit design solutions for piping heating systems will be sourced drawing on the experience in other European countries and assessing their compatibility with the UK practice.

The research and its resulting guidance will benefit the whole industry and in particular the following:


  • Manufacturers of valves, pipes, pumps, heating products, controls, terminals
  • Design engineers
  • Clinets and end users

The benefits specific to each of these groups are:

  • Manufacturers will benefit from their products being used in the most suitable design in which they would be the most effective while ensuring energy efficiency of the whole system. This will ensure they deliver real benefits to clients
  • Design engineers will be able to make an informed decision when selecting and designing more efficient and effective systems that will deliver better value to clients.
  • Clients will benefit from the most effective and energy efficient systems for their building that will help them reduce costs and demonstrate their commitment to reducing energy use. They will also be able to make an informed choice of he most appropriate system for their application
  • The overall benefits will be a higher energy efficiency of the system through: lower pump energy consumptions; higher efficiencies from condensing boilers; and more opportunities for low energy heat sources such as heat pumps and solar energy; reducing energy losses through the whole system including pipework layout, valves, terminals; optimisation of control systems. 

To sponsor the project and join the steering group contact our Test & MicroClimate research team:

Tel:         +44 (0)1344 465600