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Design Framework guide 3rd edition contains new material on BIMSeptember 2012

The 3rd edition of BSRIA's Design Framework for Building Services (BG6) includes new material to help project teams agree and allocate design activities that are related to Building Information Management (BIM) and the production of building information models. New discussions are now required about what differences there might be between design deliverables from projects using BIM and those using traditional drawing and CAD techniques. Greater use of BIM can help avoid confusion amongst the project team by defining more clearly the different stages of model development.

New information contained in the 3rd edition includes:

  • direct reference to BIM deliverables, including the different types of model appropriate for design of building services and the completion of COBie Information Exchanges as mentioned in the Government's BIM strategy
  • definitions of the range of building information models for building services design
  • clearer sub-division of RIBA stage F1 into parts dealing specifically with detailed design and detailed co-ordination of building services
  • an overview of the activities required to deliver Soft Landings, particularly at the early and late stages of a project

This guide has been produced to give building services guidance to consultants, contractors and clients as BIM becomes more widely understood and used.

With the on-going developments and discussions involving BIM, it is likely that a 4th edition will be required within the next couple of years. The 3rd edition is intended to be an interim edition and is available in pdf version (both searchable and printable) only.

The guide is priced at £50 to non-members or available as a free download to BSRIA members.

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