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Cool Data CentresApril 2009

Cool Data Centres

Data center cooling is becoming more complex and expensive due to rising power loads and high-density of modern computing and communications equipment.

Understanding how the increasing heat emissions affects the need for power and cooling is critical for reliability and operational efficiency of the equipment.

Simply increasing the cooling capacity is not the most efficient way to address theproblem. Adding capacity can cause problems in temperature, increase air flow and lead to inefficient cooling.

For example, common problems such as hot spots may not be caused by a lack of cooling.  They can arise in data centres with enough or even excess cooling. This can be caused by poor air flow distribution and other factors.

Troubleshooting, testing and design validation

Effective cooling requires careful planning, design and operation, and a proper integration of hvac into an effective system.

Predicting airflow, temperature and cooling throughout a data centre using computer modelling can provide a solution.

This requires an expert with in-depth knowledge, understanding, and hands-on experience in engineering design processes and CFD computer simulations to carry out room diagnostics, predict airflow, and identify and solve cooling problems.

Using advanced computer modelling, BSRIA's expert team can analyse a wide range of data center configurations to predict cooling performance for different layouts and advise on an optimum solution.

We can analyse any cooling methodology and CRAC configuration including also:

  • Raised floor cooling
  • Floor room cooling
  • In-Row Cooling
  • In-Cabinet Cooling

Combining computer modelling with laboratory mock-up testing and site investigations BSRIA can address a wide range of problems in critical environments and provide recommendations for successful integration between the CRAC and building services.


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