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Changes to 'Duty of Care' for non-hazardous waste at landfill sitesJuly 2007

The changes to 'Duty of Care' arrangements will be introduced on 30 October 2007, in order to comply with requirements of the EU Landfill Directive.

Broadly in essence, under the revised plans a Waste Transfer Note will now need to show that all non-hazardous materials have been "treated" before they can be accepted for disposal at a landfill site. Furthermore, no liquid wastes will be accepted for disposal at these sites. Segregation of building materials (e.g. demolition material) will count as "treatment" for this purpose, but the position regarding liquids, (e.g. paints, solvents, etc.) will be more complex, probably requiring conversion to a solid or sludge state.

The Environment Agency has said they will not be over zealous in implementing the new requirements, however, there could be issues if landfill operators refuse to take building waste because it has not been pre-treated; (technically, it will be illegal for them to do so).

For more information, click here to link to the Environment Agency's leaflet and guidance notes. 



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