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Building Information Modelling - activities at BSRIA and RIBAMay 2009

Realising the whole point of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is to help people work together, BSRIA has linked up with the RIBA to bring members information and networking opportunities.

The real life network

BIM is now being used much more, but how can you get the best out of it? Should you still be waiting to adopt it? How can it possibly be relevant in a recession? Come and hear what those who use BIM (and some who don't) are saying at a conference on Friday 26th June at the RIBA.
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The virtual network

RIBA has also started a Knowledge Community and BSRIA recommends you to join this to keep up with the latest thinking on BIM ands learn how others are getting on with it. To register, visit RIBA Knowledge Communities.

The information

The paper Drawing is Dead - Long Live Modelling (pdf) is the opening piece for the Knowledge Community. It explains what BIM is and its evolution from 2D CAD to integrated and interoperable BIM.

For more information on the BIM network, contact Anne King (