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BSRIA's Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein & Socrates Christidis interviewed by podcast by MBSMay 2018

Watch BSRIA experts, Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein, Sustainability Engineer & Socrates Christidis, Senior Market Intelligence Analyst, WMI, give their skilful and specialist knowledge and know-how on wellbeing in the modern workplace and the UK's heating market respectively.

The interviews were conducted by Karen Flectcher, Editor, MBS, in April 2018.

These are the first in the series - more to follow throughout the year! Watch this space!


Michelle's wellbeing podcast


Socrates' UK heating market podcast


A well building is an energy efficient building that supports the occupants within the building to thrive and happily perform at their highest functionality.

Buildings can affect occupants’ physical and psychological health. Indoor Environmental Quality factors such as air quality and thermal comfort, lighting and noise affect people’s physical health. While, factors such as the view outside, daylight, privacy can affect people’s psychological health.

Buildings might not be able to tackle stressful issues form the source, but they can act as a buffer against stress and help protect occupants from cardiovascular and immune systems problems from the consequences of stressful events.

UK heating / Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

BSRIA is in support of the “reformed and refocused scheme” for the RHI issued by government in February following an industry-wide consultation. Such reforms will ensure:

  • a focus on long-term decarbonisation: promoting the deployment of the right technologies for the right uses, while ensuring the RHI contributes to both government’s decarbonisation targets and to the UK’s renewable energy target;
  • offer better value for money and protect consumers: improving how costs are controlled, giving consumers more confidence in the performance of particular technologies and addressing potential loopholes in the scheme;
  • support supply chain growth and challenges the market to deliver: driving cost reductions and innovation to help build growing markets that provide quality to consumers and are sustainable without government support in future.

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