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BSRIA welcomes the appointment of Amber RuddMay 2015

Julia Evans CEO

BSRIA welcomes the appointment of Amber Rudd to the role of Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

“We have seen from her time as Climate Change Minister, Amber Rudd is a real champion for the low carbon economy and the advancement of renewable technologies. There are a number of issues that she will face in the battle to reduce carbon emissions, one of the largest will be addressing the performance of the existing building stock, much of which is not energy efficient, yet we are confident that through a combined use of incentive and legislation she can bring about real change” commented Julia Evans, BSRIA’s Chief Executive.

“With the UN Summit on Climate Change in Paris in November, it is good there is some continuity from her previous role as it will aid in securing a strong global deal which is needed to drive through the real change that is needed. There will be some challenges ahead which I am sure she will rise to so I welcome the appointment of Amber Rudd and we at BSRIA look forward to working with Government to reduce carbon emissions”.

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