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BSRIA welcomes government zero net carbon commitmentJune 2019

Peter Tse Senior Design Consultant

BSRIA has welcomed Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement to commit the UK to net zero target for greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

On behalf of BSRIA members, and the wider built environment industry, we now call on government to turn words into deeds and deliver such action.

Peter Tse, Business Manager, Sustainable Construction Group, BSRIA said:

“Government has now acted setting out its zero net carbon stall, leading the global challenge by addressing the UK’s carbon footprint with the decision to implement the recommendations of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), creating a legally binding net-zero carbon target for 2050.

The task ahead is truly challenging given the UK is currently significantly behind the targets set out in both fourth and fifth carbon budgets. However, it is encouraging to see many businesses already leading the way, with strong commitments and swift progress and a new Net Zero Taskforce launched to support the private sector's transition to a net zero carbon future.

BSRIA is at the forefront of this debate with its flagship annual Briefing in London on Friday 15th November 2019 entitled A Climate of Change – how future technology and improved processes could secure energy efficiency and wellbeing."

The goal is for the Climate Change Act 2008 to be amended by a statutory instrument. The currently legislated ambition to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 will be modified to the new, harsher goal of “net zero” greenhouse gas (such as carbon dioxide and methane) emissions.

The CCC is the official adviser to UK government and devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales.

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