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BSRIA to present on the Global Refrigerant Market at Ozone2Climate Industry RoundtableMarch 2015

Gambi Chiang, Senior Manager, Special Projects at BSRIA will be presenting the latest research on Global Refrigerant Development trends and forecast at the Ozone2Climate Industry Roundtable, 12th March 2015, Kintex Exhibition Center, Geyonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Following the phase out of HCFCs, the European Union imposed the new F-gas Regulation to phase out the use of high GWP fluorinated greenhouse gases last year. The new legislation requirements accelerated the refrigerant and HVAC&R industry to move forward to more environmental friendly refrigerants and HVAC&R products. Outside the European Union, other countries have different attitude towards the phase out of high GWP refrigerants. The different country prepositions are affected by various concerns on economics, energy supply, climate and technological development.

BSRIA has conducted a market research study looking at the current use of refrigerant, the government policies, attitude from the HVAC&R trade and the environmental condition across 25 countries. The research also investigated the current roadmap of refrigerant development in domestic refrigeration, commercial refrigeration and air conditioning application. The research predicts the refrigerant use in new HVAC&R equipment in 2025 and 2035.

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