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BSRIA staging new Soft Landings Awards - submit your entry!May 2019

Michelle Agha-Hossein Sustainable building consultant

The countdown is on for industry to get involved with BSRIA’s new and exciting Soft Landings Awards, which were unveiled in March, and submit entries. The deadline is: Monday 20th May.

The winners will be announced at BSRIA’s Soft Landings Conference 2019: quality and performance – two sides of the same coin on Friday 14th June at ARUP in London.


  • Soft Landings project of the year – smaller projects (total value: up to £20m).
  • Soft Landings project of the year – larger projects (total value: more than £20m).
  • Soft Landings practitioner of the year.


  • Soft Landings project of the year – smaller projects (total value: up to £20m).
  • Soft Landings project of the year – larger projects (total value: more than £20m).

These two categories cover both new build and refurbishment. Judges are seeking demonstrable benefits achieved through Soft Landings activities. The building should have been in operation at least for 15 months at the time of entry.

Entry requires a clear description of the building: type, size, value, location, special features, procurement route, date of occupancy et al.

“Extra points” will be awarded for providing information associated with the costs of the Soft Landings activities carried out in your project.

What were the success criteria / operational performance targets for the building? How were these were promoted and protected during the project? And were they met?

An account of how the Soft Landings team was engaged with the project after practical completion and how the performance of the building was evaluated should be included.

Finally: how the client, project team and wider industry benefited from this project?

  • Soft Landings practitioner of the year:

This category covers all disciplines such as consultants, contractors, facilities managers, architects and project managers. Judges are looking for evidence to demonstrate the applicant’s commitment to the Soft Landings approach.

Applicants should have been involved in Soft Landings projects / activities for at least 12 months at the time of entry.

An explanation of how you promote Soft Landings approach in your industry and how you or your organisation have benefitted from adopting the Soft Landings approach should be included.

Pictures and diagrams can be included to support all submissions. Client / building operator testimonials will help!

Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein, Soft Landings Operational Lead at BSRIA, said:

“BSRIA is delighted to have launched these crucial and stimulating Soft Landings awards for 2019.

The name ‘Soft Landings’ has been widely used in the construction industry for almost a decade now. The snowball effect is evident: in recent years the number of clients needing Soft Landings for their projects is growing year on year.

The competition is free and the entry is easy and quick – the clock’s ticking – so I ask you to submit your entry now!

If you are a building owner, investor, architect, designer, contractor, project manager or facilities manager and would like to know how your project can benefit from Soft Landings – the Soft Landings Conference is for you. Book on!"

The Soft Landings building delivery approach is about making buildings that meet the clients’ expectations and the end users’ needs. The Soft Landings Framework provides a step-by-step guidance for clients and their project teams to follow in order to avoid pitfalls and deliver a better performing product.

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