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BSRIA signs up to conquer information overloadDecember 2009

BSRIA has signed up to an industry initiative to improve the quality of information supplied for tender purposes. This is intended to reduce the quantity of unnecessary information passed along the supply chain to sub-contractors and specialists and thereby reduce the cost of preparing tenders, which can be reflected in lower tender prices.

The circulation of unnecessary information has been made easier in recent years with more tenders being issued on CD or through internet portals. Specialists are frequently asked to sort through hundreds of documents and drawings to find the information relevant for their trade, with the accompanying risk of missing something important. BSRIA has first hand knowledge of this deluge through its airtightness business, where the cost of sorting through the project information is significant when compared to the price that is quoted to the customer.

The Information Overload campaign was started by ADCAS, the association of ductwork contractors, and is now a joint campaign between ADCAS and HVCA. An online discussion forum has been established by Building magazine under the heading New Foundations.

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