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BSRIA releases the new study on the World Electronic Security MarketNovember 2011

The Changing Face of World Security

BSRIA has recently published its new study of the world electronic security market and which breaks this down into 18 key countries and regions; covering both established and important emerging (BRIC) markets.  These new reports have been compiled through findings from interviews with key industry contacts throughout the world. These findings were analysed by BSRIA's security market experts, incorporating existing technical and market expertise and extensive historical knowledge. The result is a unique and independent publication and an essential tool for any marketing professional in the security industry. This report reveals that the world electronic security systems market is now worth more than US $58 billion, has continued to grow on aggregate throughout the recession and is forecast to achieve double digit compound annual growth in the period up to 2015. Few other building technology markets exhibit such attractive statistics.

CCTV / Video Surveillance

CCTV has the largest market share in world security with its largest markets being Asia and America. China represents 16% of the total world CCTV market and North America has a share of 23%. This contrast with the UK, which despite being one of the most developed markets for CCTV, accounts for only some 4% of the world market.


The UK Security Market is considerably more mature than many other international markets and many of the world's leading players are present. Nevertheless, like the international market it remains highlyfragmented and is host to many small local companies. The new BSRIA report on the world market for electronic security systems shows that the UK market for CCTV, access control and intruder alarms was worth over US $3.2 billion in 2010.
The UK is the most surveyed country in Europe with an estimated 4.25 million CCTV cameras. Despite this, because of the low quality image delivered by the majority of the installed base of cameras only one crime is solved for every 1,000 cameras. This is driving demand for technological improvement of all aspects of the systems. The industry has moved towards digital and networked systems, megapixel cameras and is currently addressing issues relating to digital video evidence and common communication protocols between different manufacturer's products.  Wide-ranging application of CCTV extends from simple scene monitoring to facial-recognition technology, remote video monitoring, video smoke detection, mobile systems and automatic number plate recognition.  There is a growing trend for video analytic software which can be programmed to intelligently analyse and respond to a changing scene. Video analytic software is also being used to improve retail operations, such as queue monitoring, people counting and measuring traffic patterns to drive sales and customer satisfaction. Motorised point/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras can detect and track intruders and new, high definition (HDcctv) technology is also expected to accelerate in the next few years. The use of 360° panoramic cameras as well as thermal infrared cameras, based on heat sensitive sensors that can operate in complete darkness, are both expected to grow very strongly over the next few years. In the area of video recording, there is a growing trend away from basic digital video recorders (DVR)m towards network video recorders (NVR) and hybrid DVRs that can accept signals from both traditional analogue cameras and the latest digital cameras. IP network based systems continue to gain share as they offer enhanced flexibility and versatility, but also remote viewing and control of video data from one or more interfaces in different locations. They represent a lower total cost of ownership than a corresponding analogue system, particularly as the system size grows.

North America

The largest providers of software in this market are Schneider Electric (Pelco), ISS, Tyco, Bosch and Honeywell. Video analytics are a very important part of ISS's business and will account for almost half of their market share. Video analytics is the fastest growing segment in the North American security software market and are widely requested. Video analytics will soon account for a third of the market but in the meantime, video management software (VMS) accounts for the lion's share.

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