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BSRIA reaction to 2016 Budget for the 'Northern Powerhouse'March 2016

June Davis Business Manager - North

BSRIA Business Manager for the North of England, June Davis, has given her reaction to the Chancellor’s 2016 Budget.

“In the main, BSRIA is pleased with the Chancellor’s announcements and emphasis on the investment infrastructure projects in the north of England which represents an exciting opportunity for the ‘Northern Powerhouse’.

While his commitments to key business infrastructure projects are confident, the Chancellor must ensure that they move from the drawing board to speedy construction on the ground. In a softening economy, the combination of sustained infrastructure investment and lower business taxes is important to maintaining the confidence of business across the country.”

On infrastructure:

“BSRIA is pleased that the Chancellor is moving forward on key infrastructure projects, from the HS3 Manchester-Leeds rail link to Crossrail 2. However, these projects remain at a very preliminary stage, and members don’t want just ‘tentative’ studies that never come to fruition. The Chancellor needs to push all of the projects announced to the delivery phase to give businesses real confidence.

More than £230m has been earmarked for road improvements in the north of England, including upgrades to the M62 – between Liverpool and Hull. And the Trans-Pennine road tunnel between Sheffield and Manchester in the Peak District.

Leeds and Manchester are just 40 miles apart but there is no quick and easy way to travel between the two. In the rush hour it can take more than two hours by car and by train, it can be almost an hour. We should kick-start HS3 across the Pennines and slash journey times to just half an hour. But we must not wait decades for change.

These infrastructure upgrades are essential for moving traffic – and, therefore, business around the north and can’t come a day too soon.”

June started in January 2016 as an essential step in BSRIA’s continued development of this key area which highlights our commitment to ‘UK plc’ and ‘life north of Watford’.

Her focus is to develop new business opportunities, customers and prospects for BSRIA in the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ – including maintaining existing business in the region. June’s remit is to establish BSRIA’s market position as the leading organisation for its diverse portfolio.


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