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BSRIA launches new training courses - 2019 - air, fire & waterJanuary 2019

New year – new training – fresh start!

To kick-start 2019 – BSRIA has launched a suite of new training courses – for members and industry alike to achieve and raise their skills and competency levels.

Companies need to invest in developing their staff through training to plug the ever-increasing skills gaps. Industry recruitment is hard – there are simply not enough new trainees and graduates emerging from the system. And we’re in an age and stage when those at the twilight of their careers are retiring. As an industry – we must “lock down” this knowledge.

The new courses are:

Airtightness Testing Level 2
Monday 25th February @ 9:00 am – 3-day course (Bracknell)

This course provides training to allow testers to test both simple and more complex buildings and follows on from the BSRIA Level 1 course.

This is an advanced course covering the testing of complex buildings with multiple fans.
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Management of Water Systems

Monday 11th March @ 9:00 am (Bracknell)

(Also running on: Friday 12th July & Thursday 7th November @ Bracknell.)

This course has been created to give delegates an overview of the types of systems encountered in a range of buildings including hospitals and industrial installations. Topics covered include: types of water services; the importance of comfort, safety, compliance and the use of data; legal requirements and regulations; and “things that can go wrong”.
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BG6 Design Framework Workshop

Thursday 28th March @ 9:00 am (Bracknell)

(Also running on: Wednesday 12th June & Thursday 21st November @ Bracknell.)

This workshop will be of interest to delegates who already have a basic knowledge of the current version and/or previous versions of the BG6 Design Framework.

Following an initial update of the new BG6 key concepts (launched last summer), most of the day will involve the examination of practical project scenarios from the viewpoints of designers, contractors and clients.

Detailed case studies will be used to expose delegates to the often conflicting considerations experienced by these groups and what practical steps need to be taken to resolve issues.

The day will concentrate on “the importance of seeing things from the other side”.

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Fire Safety Management

Wednesday 22nd May @ 9:00 am (Bracknell)

Wednesday 11th September @ 9:00 am (Bracknell)

This course covers the key areas of Fire Safety Management and uses recent case studies to reinforce the topics covered.

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, a ‘responsible person’ from an organisation must carry out a fire risk assessment, be responsible for fire safety, produce a fire emergency plan and implement a fire risk management system.

Current fire safety legislation requires a risk-based regime, in any organisation, with a nominated competent person overseeing the fire safety management responsibilities.

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Mike Lee, BSRIA Training Manager, said:

“BSRIA is constantly reviewing its training courses and regularly consults with its members and industry at large to refresh the courses it offers.

Our workshops offer invaluable hands-on guidance while the introductory courses provide an overall understanding of the essential areas required to confidently apply them to everyday work solutions. They are perfect for employees who are new to the industry or those who have been promoted or need more technical direction and guidance.”

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