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BSRIA launches Heat Interface Units test standardDecember 2015

Colin Judd Principal Research Engineer

BSRIA is delighted to have launched its new Test Method for Heat Interface Units (HIUs).

The test standard has filled a gap in the UK market providing a methodology to demonstrate the performance of HIUs and a means of product comparison across a range of thermal parameters, while also covering different applications. It creates a level playing field across industry and serves as a reference point for manufacturers, contractors and the end user. BSRIA recognised the need for such essential evaluation to create confidence in the industry.

A HIU is a packaged set of components necessary to connect a consumer’s heating and/or hot water system to the heat network. Its use – linked to a district or communal heat network in place of a boiler – can have significant economic and environmental benefits depending on the source of heat and structure of the network. However, successful operation depends on appropriate system design and specification followed by competent installation and maintenance.

Colin Judd, Senior Test Engineer, BSRIA, said: “We are delighted BSRIA was able to employ its knowledge and convert existing information into this test standard. We know such a standard will be extremely useful for members and industry alike. Indeed, we have seen significant growth in the testing of these products and they continue to increase in popularity.

Over the past 20 years there has been increasing recognition that heat networks, enabled by the use of HIUs, particularly those associated with combined heat and power systems in urban areas, are a key element of a low carbon future. The standard will compliment this vital journey. The methodology within the standard can also be applied to chilled water HIUs used for space comfort cooling.

The standard dovetails with the recently-launched HIU guide, which focuses on the issues surrounding the application and installation of both direct and indirect HIUs for residential and small commercial applications within district or communal heat networks. It will assist specifiers, designers and installers to achieve a functional and efficient solution for space heating and hot water using heat interface units.”

The test standard is available here: Test Method for HIUs

The BG 62/2015 guide is available now and is also being sold as part of a set with a new CIBSE guide Heat Networks: Code of Practice for the UK as they complement each other: CIBSE/ADE CP1

Hard copies of the BSRIA guide are available for from the BSRIA bookshop for £30.00 (BSRIA members) and £60.00 (non-members). Digital downloads are free (for members): heat interface units


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