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BSRIA issues major guide for procuring Soft LandingsSeptember 2013

How to Procure Soft Landings - guidance for clients, consultants and contractors (BG 45/2013) is written primarily to help public and private sector clients and main contractors procure Soft Landings services from their construction supply chains. BSRIA has developed the guide with input by members of the BSRIA Soft Landings User Group in response to clear trends in the use of Soft Landings.

Increasingly there is a need for clear and standardised requirements for the industry as many clients and consultants don’t fully understand the Soft Landings process. This guide will help clients understand better what they are requesting in tenders and contractors understand in more detail what steps are involved in the process.

BSRIA’s manager of Soft Landings, Roderic Bunn, said the guide will plug a gap in clients’ knowledge of how to ask for Soft Landings services. “Soft Landings is open-source, so anyone is free to pick up the process and use it,” he said. “This guide will help clients be more specific about their requirements. It provides guidance for assessing tender returns that include Soft Landings services, and levels the playing field for consultants and contractors by making clear who should be responsible for doing what.”

Soft Landings is being adopted by central government as a formal procurement policy known as Government Soft Landings (GSL). This is a version of BSRIA’s Soft Landings that is stated to be mandatory along with Building Information Modelling (BIM) for central government projects from 2016. “How to procure Soft Landings will provide much needed advice to the early adopters in central government, and help them learn from others’ experiences,” said Bunn.

The guide provides requirements worded for clients appointing professional designers, clients appointing main contractors/builders and contractors appointing sub-contractors. It complements the Soft Landings Framework (BG 4/2009), BSRIA’s guide that describes what Soft Landings is about and why you should adopt it.

The launch of How to Procure Soft Landings coincides with the publication of the 2013 RIBA Plan of Work. This has enabled BSRIA to align Soft Landing Landings stages against the new RIBA stages and those published by the Construction Industry Council.

Hard copies of the guide are now available at £60 for non-members or £30 for BSRIA members. PDF versions are free to download for BSRIA members and are priced at £60 + VAT for non-members. Order now

You can also order this guide for only £10 more (or £5 to BSRIA members) as part of our Set of 3 Soft Landings Guides (hard copy). The set contains How to Procure Soft Landings, Soft Landings Framework and Soft Landings Core Principles.


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