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BSRIA is pleased to sponsor the launch of the Zero Carbon Hub End of Term Performance Gap reportMay 2014

BSRIA is pleased to announce it will be one of the sponsors of the Zero Carbon Hub “Nearer to Zero” event at the Royal Society on 8th of July. The event will see the launch of the End of Term report on the Design vs As-built performance gap project. The project was launched at Ecobuild 2013 by DCLG, and the findings from the project will be shared across the house building industry.

The event chaired by Andrew Eastwell will feature a number of high profile speakers which will include Stephen Williams - the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and Neil Jefferson - Chief Executive Zero Carbon Hub.

The event will see leading industry figures give their response to the report and their view on how the industry moves forward. The project has received a high level of support from across industry, which reiterates the need for both Government and industry to continue to work together to ensure that the performance gap in new homes is closed.

The event will also discuss the key implications of the Housing Standards Review and Allowable Solutions, both of which will be crucial to the successful implementation of the zero carbon homes policy from 2016.

Ian Orme from BSRIA commented that “the design vs as-built performance gap project has allowed the house building industry to consider the evidence for the performance gap in new homes by reviewing all stages of the development process. BSRIA has contributed to the evidence review process and helped inform the future research needs of the industry. The report makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the causes of the performance gap and proposes solutions to issues identified as Priorities for Action.”

The afternoon session will take a look at some of the unique challenges facing London exploring the retrofit agenda and tackling carbon emissions from commercial buildings.

For further information on the event and to book tickets visit Nearer to Zero event page

BSRIA is launching a new residential network in September which will bring together stakeholders from across the industry, responsible for the conception, design, delivery and maintenance of dwellings across the country to facilitate dialogue in order to help make the process more effective.

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