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BSRIA investing in best practice for its engineersMay 2016

BSRIA compliance vans

BSRIA is investing in best practice for its engineers and compliance specialists as part of a drive to improve their skills and as investment in their personal development.

This has stemmed from BSRIA staff recently participating in – and passing – the RoSPA (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) advanced driver training. This was carried out so that BSRIA is able to assess its company drivers to ensure that they are all able to drive safely and to identify any additional training that may benefit them.

Eian Hardacre, BSRIA Finance Director, said: “Investment in BSRIA’s workforce to enable engineers and compliance specialists – not only to do their respective jobs safely – but to hone their skills for the future is a fundamental philosophy at BSRIA.

We all started the week thinking that we were OK drivers, but with the training that we received we now realise how much more we can do to protect ourselves when out on the road. The training looked at having more strategies in place to avoid situations that could result in delays or accidents – potentially resulting in points on licences.

For almost 100 years, RoSPA has been working behind the scenes to change both legislation and attitudes surrounding accidents. From the compulsory wearing of seatbelts and the campaign to stop drink driving, to the more recent ban on handheld mobile phones behind the wheel, RoSPA has been instrumental in shaping society for the better, preventing millions of deaths and serious injuries along the way.”

BSRIA is now going to work on a programme of assessment of its staff who drive on company business so that it can share what was learnt on the RoSPA training and help staff to stay safe on the road. Formal training will be arranged if, after assessment, it is agreed that this would be helpful.

As a registered charity, RoSPA is committed to campaigning, carrying out research, influencing legislation, informing and educating and providing expert consultancy to businesses. Its mission: to save lives and reduce injuries.

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