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BSRIA Instrument Solutions is ready with wireless re-validationAugust 2011

Re-validation of all existing autoclaves and washer-disinfectors is becoming an increasing problem for dental practices.

Re-validation of sterilizers is an increasing problem for dental practices

The Department of Health (DH) document HTM01-05, first published in 2009, remains at the moment a guideline and a date for full compliance is some way away but its requirements have already been adopted by many Primary Care Trusts and others are preparing to follow so that, along with central sterilising areas and a looming pile of required paperwork, re-validation by qualified technicians is fast becoming a generally recognised need. As in so many areas where new technical requirements are coming into force, BSRIA Instrument Solutions is already in a position to help practices follow the Scouts' motto of 'Be Prepared' by offering for sale or hire the best testing equipment available or if necessary by simply supplying the testing service themselves. 

The 18mm diameter MPIII DataTrace is small enough to remain inside the seriliser avoiding fitting specially design accessories

Re-validation is simply a check that the pressure and temperature readings, correct at the time of the sterilisation/decontamination equipment's manufacture, remain so after a period of use. Until recently this involved either the fitting of specially designed ports for cables or purpose built test cassettes for the cassette type autoclavest thanks to miniaturisation and modern wireless techniques, this is no longer necessary. The latest testing equipment recommended by BSRIA Instrument Solutions is the MPIII DataTrace, a pressure/temperature logger that can remain inside any make of steriliser since it is only 18mm in diameter. This compact precision instrument provides full re-validation monitoring with a total lack of hassle and time wasting. What an advance!

To ensure that it fully serves the needs of the dental profession, BSRIA Instrument Solutions has worked closely with SERVE-ICE Ltd., the Woking based experts in servicing, repairing and validating dental autoclaves and washer disinfectors, in preparing the MPIII DataTrace package. SERVE-ICE has already used the equipment at the Bromley Dental Studio on their B cycle and S cycle autoclaves and washer disinfectors where it performed the thermometric and pressure tests required, for full compliance with DH Document HTM 01-05.

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