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BSRIA Instrument Solutions gets six Gold's for 2015January 2015

BSRIA Instrument Solutions is one of the country’s leading experts in providing instrumentation to aid commercial and industrial companies in complying with the ever more stringent statutory requirements for their products and services.

Naturally an intimate knowledge of the latest precision testing equipment and a close relationship with manufacturing suppliers is an essential part of the company’s business. BSRIA Instrument Solutions is therefore delighted to be appointed for another year as a Gold Channel Partner by TSI, one of the leading names in Europe for crafting high quality, precision testing equipment. The Gold status in 2015 applies to six product ranges for Respirator Fit Testing, Airbourne Particle Counters, Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Hygiene and instruments for Critical Environments. Here this range includes the TSI PresSura differential pressure product which is ideal for use in hospital isolation suites and clean room facilities which require continuous monitoring and feedback to controlling plant via sensors for temperature, humidity, airflow, occupancy and the status of openings such as doors.

The services offered by BSRIA Instrument Solutions include not only sales of equipment but also equipment hire, either for operation by the client directly or by BSRIA staff engaged in consultancy work. These hire services are especially valuable to smaller companies unwilling to lay out large sums for equipment and for those requiring one-off or spasmodic testing. The company also offers product testing, certification and market research facilities for construction, building services and facilities management. The award of Gold Channel Partnership by such a prestigious company as TSI is a greatly appreciated compliment to BSRIA’s efforts in the complicated world of commercial and industrial testing.

Air quality

An extensive range of air quality measuring devices are available for hire and purchase from BSRIA Instrument Solutions