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BSRIA Instrument Solutions add intrinsically safe instruments to their product Sales and Hire portfoliosAugust 2014

With an ever growing focus on health and safety in the work place, employers have statutory obligations to protect the workforce especially in hazardous environments. Commercial and industrial companies providing products and services in such areas must take measures to ensure that all instrumentation used conforms to the standards set by the mandatory European Union (EU) Directive 94/9/EC, more commonly known as ATEX.

Protection from the risk of explosion within hazardous atmospheres can be achieved by the use of intrinsically safe (Ex / ATEX rated) instruments. Specifically manufactured to limit the release of energy levels high enough to cause flammable materials to ignite, these instruments are suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres that are typically found across a variety of industries such as petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, gas and mining.

To further assist businesses in meeting their measurement requirements within hazardous areas, BSRIA Instrument Solutions has now added a number of new intrinsically safe products to their extensive range of instrumentation within their Hire and Sales portfolios. Manufactured by leading suppliers such as Fluke, Druck, Keller & Flexim, the new range comprises of multi meters, digital & infrared thermometers, ultrasonic liquid flow meters, digital pressure indicators, and aerosol monitors.

BSRIA Instrument Solutions offers the option to purchase or hire the instruments based on individual’s requirements and preferences. If you are a low or infrequent user of instruments you may choose to hire. The added benefits of hire include having access to the latest up-to-date equipment, keeping expenditures to a minimum compared to an outright purchase, no ongoing maintenance or calibration costs and you will also receive the support and guidance of our expert team when using the equipment should it be required.

BSRIA Instrument Solutions is one of the country’s leading suppliers of specialist test instrumentation backed by their UKAS and ISO accredited calibration laboratory. We offer an extensive range of test and measurement instrumentation for sale or hire making BSRIA Instrument Solutions a comprehensive one-stop-shop. Our established reputation in the Instrument market place brands BSRIA the ideal partner for all of your instrumentation needs.

For more information on the hire options available from BSRIA Instrument Solutions contact the expert team on 01344 459314 or

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