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BSRIA has concerns over investor confidence in renewable technologiesJune 2015

Julia Evans CEO

As the new Conservative government announces that it will be excluding on-shore wind farms from subsidy from April 2016, BSRIA’s Chief Executive Julia Evans expresses concerns over the impact the announcement will have on investment levels for the introduction of renewable technologies.

“Earlier this week, the European Commission expressed concern that the UK would miss its EU renewable target for 2020 and told the government it should review its policies to get back on track. To achieve these targets, the government will have to rely on private investors having the confidence to invest in the development and implementation of technology. As we know, uncertainty is the enemy of investment so an announcement like todays runs the risk of slowing the level of investment required to make a real change and to deliver on the 2020 renewable targets”

“Amber Rudd has said that there would be a shift in subsidies to other technologies but has yet to identify them. To provide the confidence required by investors and industry she really now needs to provide information of the technologies that will be supported by subsidies and provide a firm timeframe for the life of the subsidy”.


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