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BSRIA develops carbon footprint tool for existing homes with CEMJuly 2007

BSRIA and County Estate Management (CEM), the residential property management specialist, have jointly developed a unique environmental property audit. The project was commissioned by CEM in December 2006 and was completed in just over three months. Close collaboration between the companies throughout the development has resulted in a structured eco-friendly system promoting green practices at existing residential properties.

BSRIA's original brief was to develop an energy conservation assessment tool, otherwise known to the project team as "greening checklist". CEM identified the need for a thorough and phased approach to offering practical advice to property owners. This broadened the scope of the checklist into something much bigger. Green Vision is part of a comprehensive range of carbon footprint assessments and comes at a time when property industry bodies are warning that not enough is being done to make existing homes greener. This can be appreciated further if we consider that existing housing tends to be less energy efficient than new developments.

Reg Jones, Head of Facilities Management at CEM explains: "BSRIA's solid background in building services and involvement in green issues and renewable technologies met the brief and scope of our Green Vision perfectly. Green Vision is about being passionate and fully committed to making existing housing stock greener and BSRIA certainly had a part in making this reality. This will in turn make residential property more ecologically efficient."

The project was devised exclusively for CEM by BSRIA's Design and FM Innovation team. Through key skills such as design background, engineering research and site surveying and reporting, BSRIA has provided CEM with a unique "green health check" tool that calculates the property's carbon footprint. The property is assigned an EcoRating on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the least environmentally friendly) based on findings on energy management, waste recycling, use of energy efficient light sources, bicycle storage facilities and so on. Recommendations are made at the end of the assessment in order to improve the property's carbon footprint, with CEM then being able to provide costings for implementing the recommendations and overseeing the works.

David Bleicher, Principal Research Engineer at BSRIA says: "Government initiatives such as the Code for Sustainable Homes focus on new homes, leaving the majority of our housing stock untouched. CEM are seriously tackling the issue of sustainability in existing housing, and BSRIA is proud to have assisted in this programme".

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