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BSRIA delighted to be speaking at the Building Services ForumAugust 2017

Michelle Agha-Hossein Sustainable building consultant

BSRIA is delighted to be fielding an expert speaker at Building Services Forum on Thursday 8th February 2018 at The Building Centre in London. With a growing line up of fantastic sponsors and a high level of pre-registration interest, the forum is set to bring building services professionals and experts together.

BSRIA’s Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein, Building Sustainability Engineer, will present on how a building can be measured for the ‘wellness’ and its impact on the ‘wellness’ of the occupants. There are new Wellbeing measurement methodologies entering the market place and it is the “buzz word” in workplace management circles.

BSRIA will explain what it means and offer an overview of what areas around functional, physical and psychological factors can really make the difference. There are 80 factors already identified: some are enforced by laws and are needed to satisfy basic human needs and safety, but there is a list of extra factors that are intended to improve the wellbeing of the occupants and include technologies and design that optimise occupant wellbeing and happiness.

Michelle said:

“BSRIA is delighted to support the inaugural Building Services Forum. As one of BSRIA’s four core values, being innovative is vital to a forward thinking industry and we would encourage building services professionals to attend this event to pick up some of the latest building services thinking.

Wellbeing is a very comprehensive term and goes beyond health and comfort. Looking to the future – being compliant is no longer enough, we need to create an environment which has a positive impact.

It is generally acknowledged that building environments have a direct impact on the occupants’ wellbeing. ‘Well’ Buildings support occupants to thrive and happily perform to their optimum ability. Although this is not a new concept, until recently this was not translated into practice. Many organisations are now interested to know how they can create an environment that can improve occupants’ wellbeing.”

Event manager, Jacqui Henderson, said:

“This new event will give access to an unrivalled pool of expert knowledge with the opportunity to ask questions, put forward ideas and open the debate about where building services are going in the next few years.”

A hub of ideas, debates and thinking at the forefront of the industry, the Building Services Forum is aimed at building services specifiers, installers, engineers, facilities management, designers and architects.

Offering a comprehensive, CPD accredited seminar programme and table-top stands from leading manufacturers; the forum is perfect for networking with the industry. This ticketed, one-day event will include breakfast and lunch.

Biography – Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein

Michelle is an engineer and a researcher with experience in building performance evaluation in terms of energy consumption, indoor environmental quality and occupants’ satisfaction and productivity. She completed her doctorate degree in 2014. Her doctorate research project was focused on post occupancy evaluation in offices. Michelle also has experience in designing low-rise buildings and construction site management.

Michelle joined BSRIA’s Sustainable Construction Group in July 2014 to provide consultancy services on Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) and other Soft Landings activities. Michelle runs BSRIA’s Soft Landings Network and Buildings for Wellbeing Network and also sits on the CIBSE Intelligent Buildings Group Committee.

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