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BSRIA comments on Corbyn speechSeptember 2015

Julia Evans CEO

BSRIA comments on Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the Labour Party Conference

Commenting on Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the Labour Party Conference, Julia Evans, Chief Executive, BSRIA, said:

“As Jeremy Corbyn works to rebuild his party, it is good to see that he is making resolution of the housing crisis his ‘top priority’ with a very large and active house-building programme including 100,000 new council and affordable houses to rent and buy a year. However, this figure isn’t enough to address the shortfall. Added to which, in the Labour Party Manifesto 2015, the party pledged that 200,000 new homes would be built a year. BSRIA asks: why the promise of fifty per cent less?

Mr Corbyn said that ‘every mainstream economist will tell you that with interest rates so low now is the time for public investment in our infrastructure’ which is encouraging to hear."

BSRIA was also heartened by Mr Corbyn’s comments on a ‘Green New Deal investing in renewable energy and energy conservation to tackle the threat of climate change – where the government is selling off the Green Investment Bank – this is the only way to achieve a strong economic future for Britain, that’s sustainable and turns round the terrible trade deficit and supports high growth firms and businesses’.

It was disappointing that the forthcoming EU Referendum was not specifically mentioned. There is an important debate to be had about Britain’s future place in Europe: for the UK to remain in the EU bloc in the forthcoming referendum. Although Mr Corbyn has recently stated Labour’s desire to remain in the EU, to not mention it on such a platform was slightly remiss.

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