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BSRIA and CIBSE commissioning guidance reviewJuly 2009

BSRIA and CIBSE have started a joint review of the guidance for water commissioning. Following a workshop held at Balham in April, a steering group met in Bracknell in the middle of July to propose changes to both CIBSE Code W, and the BSRIA's Commissioning Water Systems, BG2/89.3. By having one steering group and one author - Chris Parsloe - and publishing the two documents at the same time, BSRIA and CIBSE hope to remove any inconsistencies between the documents, and make the overall guidance easier for industry to use.

The review has been prompted by the lack of a clear and distinct approach to variable flow systems particularly in the BSRIA document and by the difficulty of commissioning systems operating at very low flow rates. To resolve this second point, the steering group has proposed that a minimum commissioning flow rate should be set. In circumstances where individual terminal units have low design flow rates, the steering group suggests that a single flow measurement and regulation device could serve a group of terminal units.

If you would like to provide input to the review, please contact Chris Parsloe at

The group also heard about a forthcoming review of BSRIA's Pre Commission Cleaning of Pipework Systems Guide, AG1/2001.1.  The Commissioning Specialists Association, and particularly their water treatment members, are calling a meeting for the water treatment side to agree a series of proposals to put to BSRIA on the revisions needed. Meanwhile, BSRIA will be consulting formally with CIBSE, HVCA and other stakeholders to determine what revisions are needed. We will then set up a joint working group to agree the changes. The engineer responsible for the revision of this document is Reginald Brown who can be contacted at

Finally the group had a presentation from Glenn Hawkins about the development of a new "Commissioning Job Book" which will be a companion volume to the Building Services Job Book, BG1/2009 due out at the end of July. A companion document to this will be a Model Plan that could be used to meet the likely requirements of the new Building Regulations to submit a Commissioning Plan to the Building Control Officer before the start of construction. For these management items please direct your comments to


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