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Boiler market and energy efficiencyJanuary 2008

As the world domestic boiler market continues to grow, manufacturers need to prove the efficiency of their products, playing an important part in reducing energy consumption.

BSRIA's study of the world heating market published in 2007 revealed that the total world domestic boiler market was estimated at €7.9 (US$ 9.7) billion and 11.85 million units in 2006 and is still growing with Europe the biggest market

While many manufacturers have for years been developing high efficiency products, the UK and European Building Efficiency Regulations have put further responsibility on manufacturers to supply products that meet the legislation and exceed consumer demand.

This demonstrates just how important role the boiler industry plays in reducing energy consumption.

Before these products can be placed on the European market, they must meet the requirements of the European Boiler Efficiency Directive (BED) and carry a CE mark.

To claim compliance and product efficiency, the manufacturers and suppliers first need to have their products tested in accordance with the relevant standards by an independent Notified Body.

After successful completion of testing manufacturers receive technical reports and EC Type Examination Certificates that adequately demonstrate the efficiency of their products by independent testing.

Many countries outside Europe require for those products third party test reports by an accredited laboratory for their national acceptance, and recognise CE marking as an indication of product acceptability.

BSRIA is the UKAS accredited Notified Body with expertise and facilities for testing the efficiency levels of gas and oil-fired appliances at 'full and part load' in accordance with the BED. Our reports and certificates are internationally recognised and give confidence to manufacturers to sell and compete globally.

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