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The CIBSE BIM Steering Group, chaired by Paddy Conaghan of Hoare Lea, realised early on that there was a risk of a two tier BIM society not only in the world of the building services engineer but across the whole constructed environment with a risk of many being left behind. And so as part of the group’s work they are developing a freely available web resource that, by working with other institutions and groups, will evolve to provide a non-partisan accessible route to learning about BIM.

The site is still in its formative stages but has already proved an excellent resource for those needing some guidance in the sea of acronyms that make up the BIM world. The intention is to develop the site so that it provides fast access, core information and provides a directed, ordered set of signposts into the plethora of other resources on the web. You are encouraged to take a visit and pass on your suggestions for its future development.

Visit the BIM Talk web site.

BSRIA, via the CIBSE BIM Steering Group, contributed to the content held on and is an official BIM Talk supporter.

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Understanding Level 2 BIM
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