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Barratt Homes performance evaluation of Hanham Hall developmentAugust 2014

BSRIA is conducting building performance evaluation of 185 dwellings at Hanham Hall

BSRIA is working with Barratt Homes on a large scale dwelling performance evaluation of their Hanham Hall development, located on the outskirts of Bristol.

Hanham Hall is the first significant development of its type for Barratt Homes and represents a further stage in their development of a specification for modern, energy efficient homes. Construction started last year and will continue into 2015. The development consists of a range of house types, from one bed apartments to large five bedroom houses plus the original Hanham Hall, a grade two listed building. The development is set in twelve acres, at its heart will be a green space providing a relaxing and tranquil environment for the residents; this is in addition to its importance to the construction industry.

Barratt Homes were keen to determine whether the expected standard of energy efficiency is achieved by the as-constructed and occupied buildings. They approached and appointed BSRIA to install energy and environmental monitoring equipment, such as the Wi5 data collection hub and conduct a performance evaluation at 185 dwellings. Ten properties, selected by Barratt Homes, will be subjected to a more in-depth evaluation to further the knowledge and lessons learned from this exercise. The performance evaluation work to be carried out by BSRIA’s Sustainable Construction Group over the next five years will include a construction stage assessment that will review the as designed and as-built SAP assessments to ensure that there is a consistent baseline for the assessment process and fabric testing involving thermal imaging, in-situ heat flux measurements and fan pressurisation testing. The houses incorporate a number of features that are not common place in UK house design (such as MVHR and solar shading systems). An early occupation assessment will be carried out to review the handover assessment stage and information provided to the home owners.

For each of the 185 homes, consumption of gas, electricity and water will be evaluated and the additional ten houses will be subjected to more in-depth monitoring including internal environmental living conditions such as temperature, humidity and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels and window/shutter opening patterns as well as the energy used for hot water, MVHR systems installed and photovoltaic generation sold into the Grid. The in-use energy and environmental conditioning monitoring data collated and analysed will be invaluable in assessing the development’s total energy efficiency and also the accuracy of energy predictions for the project.

Occupant satisfaction is an important aspect when measuring the success of a building. The performance evaluation at Hanham Hall will also gather and analyse feedback from the residents via questionnaires and semi-structured interviews.

Barratt Homes are one of the first national house builders to do a monitoring and evaluation exercise of this kind, and on this scale. It is promising to see that the importance of monitoring, measuring and learning from the homes being built is being realised.

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