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Are Chillers On The Road To Recovery?December 2011

The world chiller market is forecast to increase by 4.7% in value ($) by the end of 2011 showing a slight recovery after dismal sales in 2009, some air conditioning markets have bounced back and recovered some of their market size compared with the levels last seen in 2007/8. Most segments have shown a slight improvement over the last year. The biggest market, the total Asia Pacific region showed an overall growth of 5.4% in value in 2011; Japan, South Korea and Vietnam were the only declining markets. The Middle East Region on the other hand decreased by 4.8% last year although it is forecasted to show speedier recovery with around 53.2% total growth rate in value terms ($), between 2010 and 2014.


Chillers and splits are up in volume whereas windows, AHU and fan coils have continued to witness a decline. This is largely to stiffer competition from substitute products and the fact that the air side products are installed sometime after the chillers. Therefore these are expected to witness recovery in sales towards the end of 2011 and 2012, depending on local economic conditions in each country.

Reciprocating compressors appear to be declining from the majority of markets with the trend moving towards scroll and screw compressors. 

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