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Andrew Giles presents at Sanyo's Media SummitNovember 2007

The Latest Air Conditioning Industry Trends

At the recent Sanyo European Air Conditioning Media Summit held in Budapest on 3rd-5th July, Andrew Giles, BSRIA's Worldwide Market Intelligence business manager, gave a presentation of recent BSRIA market research.

Andrew revealed that a combination of climate change, new European legislation, funding initiatives and demand for energy efficient units is now driving the air conditioning industry to diversify its products. Another major trend is a significant increase in VRF systems against both traditional chillers and larger packaged units due to a perception by specifiers of competitive price and suitability for refurbishment. The VRF solution has also been boosted by strong promotion and back up from the major North Asia brands, particularly from Japan. 

In addition, with climate change causing increasingly warmer winters and hotter summers, and the rise of renewable technologies, BSRIA data suggests that demand for traditional heating products will slow down while the need for air conditioning will increase. This trend is leading to further product diversification in the climate control sector with heating manufacturers adding cooling products to their ranges while air conditioning manufacturers are moving into heating.

As a result, air-to-water heat pumps, and Sanyo's CO2 eco heat pump is one example of this, are becoming increasingly important to air conditioning manufacturers since they are an opportunity for ac manufacturers to enter the heating market while meeting market demands for energy efficient products. Air to water heat pumps are particularly attractive because of the units' high COPs of 3.0+, high temperatures of 85+ and their environmental refrigerant.

Source: SANYO