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Actuate UK welcomes Construction Leadership Council's Zero Carbon planMarch 2021

Actuate UK, the engineering services alliance, has welcomed the Construction Leadership’s Council’s CO2nstruct Zero Programme and its focus on measuring and delivering substantial low carbon performance across the industry. However, the alliance adds that the drive to net-zero must also recognize the ongoing safety of building occupants, and ‘whole life’ carbon performance.

Julia Evans, CEO of BSRIA, said on behalf of Actuate UK: “We support the new CLC plan, which includes a range of carbon reduction measures including a proposed domestic retrofit strategy. Actuate UK will look to maximise support from the engineering services sector for the CLC plan in addition to pursuing further ‘whole life’ carbon reductions measures for the built environment. The engineering services sector is key to designing and installing a range of low carbon systems to deliver sustained low carbon performance for the lifetime of residential and commercial buildings and infrastructure. We therefore also draw attention to the need for knowledge and skills scale-up within the sector to deliver all targeted measures.”

Paul Reeve, Director of CSR at ECA added “a key focus of any national zero-carbon plan is a step-change in the residential and commercial retrofit activity. But, in the wake of Grenfell tower, any zero-carbon plan must also emphasise the need to design in and ensure public safety, in addition to other key deliverables such as public health, and installation quality”. 

Actuate UK’s Net Zero Target policy group will be working with its Building Safety, Skills and Business policy groups to contribute to the CLC’s programme and support national policies for zero carbon and building safety.