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Library Collection: Changes to the Building Regulations - June 2022

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A selection of articles relating to changes to the Building Regulations, Approved Documents Part L, Part F, and the new Approved Part O.

 Building Regulations


Change is in the air
H&V News, June 2022

An overview of the key changes to Part F and L of the Building Regulations, Approved Documents, coming into effect on 15th June 2022. Also highlights the provisions of the new Part O on overheating and new Part S on electric vehicle charging installations.
Ventilation requirements are changing - what you need to know
BSEE, May 2022

Analysis of building ventilation requirements, as a result of the changes to the Building Regulations, Approved Documents Part L, Part F and the newly introduced Part O on overheating.
3 changes to the building regs Part L and L that you need to know before the summer
Modern Building Services, May 2022

Technical guidance on the incoming changes to the Building Regulations Approved Documents, Part L and Part F, in relation to HVAC.

The time is now: meet the new low temperature requirements
HPM Monthly, Jan 2022

Analysis and impact of the low temperature update to the Building Regulations, Part L, which is due in June 2022.

The key regulatory changes for domestic heating
H&V News, June 2022
Identifies the changes in the Building Regulations, Approved Document, Part L, that affect domestic heating.

The road to change
Modern Building Services, Nov 2019

An overview of the contents of the UK Government’s “Future Homes Standard”, which is introduced to help combat climate change and energy efficiency issues.

Future-proofing newbuild homes
Offsite Magazine, Mar 2020

A review of the changes to the Building Regulations, Part L1A and Part F, focusing on prefabricated (offsite) construction and lightweight structural buildings.

Start planning
Modern Building Services, Mar 2022

About the changes to Part L of the Building Regulations, which rule out non-condensing water heater replacements from 15th June 2022 in favour of more energy-efficient condensing units.

The heat and buildings strategy explained. What’s in it 
and was it worth the wait?
Building, Nov 2021

An overview and review of the contents UK Government’s heating and building strategy that was announced in 2021.

Hot topics: key heating and insulation trends for the year ahead
HPM Monthly, Mar 2022

A brief review of (UK) decarbonisation strategy from the beginning of 2022. 

A long term strategic plan for renewable heat
Energy World, Jul 2016

About the need to increase decarbonisation of heating systems and options for improving the technology within heating systems.

Building a foundation for building decarbonisation
ASHRAE Journal, Mar 2022

Discusses the concept of building 'decarbonisation' and the transition to 'net zero'. Give definitions of 'carbon metric', carbon dioxide equivalent', 'operational carbon', and 'embodied carbon'.

Beware the coming wave of legislation
HV News, Aug 2021

Review of the 'Ten Point Plan' for the 'Green Industrial Revolution' and the Climate Change Committee’s Sixth Carbon Budget. Eleven key points within the proposals are explored that will affect construction and building services.

ASHRAE's new focus on decarbonisation
HPAC, Mar 2022

On the subject of ASHRAE’s 'Task Force for Building Decarbonisation', which was launched in 2021.

  Clean air


Evolving standards and ventilation methods in homes. Continuing professional development (CPD)
CIBSE Journal, Apr 2022

This CPD outlines ventilation design methods for homes to help meet clean air and decarbonisation targets.



Improved control at a push of a button
BSEE, May 2019

For buildings that rely on boilers for their heating, in-built and cost-effective controls can maximise heating efficiency for long-term carbon and energy savings. 

Boiler upgrade scheme primer
 PHAM, Apr 2022

A brief overview the UK boiler upgrade scheme (BUS) in 2022, offering advice to installers about buying a heat pump with up-front capital costs.

  Heat pumps


How building decarbonization can transform HVAC ASHRAE Journal, Sept 2021

This article explores the role of heat pumps in decarbonising buildings.

High temperature heat pumps chosen for pioneering
school decarbonisation project

BSEE, Apr 2022

Case study of a heat pump project across multiple schools, where a multi-academy school trust decided to decarbonise heating across several schools.

  Heat Networks


Heat networks and a net-zero future
Energy in Buildings & Industry,  Feb 2020

Explores the Clean Growth Strategy, which states that heat networks could meet 17 to 24 per cent of the UK's heat demand.

The path toward decarbonisation of district energy

District Energy, Winter 2022

Offers an eight-point guide to decarbonising district heating and cooling systems.

  Renewable energy


Assessment of the renewable energy generation 
towards net-zero energy buildings: a review
Energy & Buildings, Feb 2022

Examining the role of renewable energy generation in decarbonising buildings. 

Opportunities to decarbonize heat in the UK using
urban wastewater heat recovery

BSERT, Nov 2021

Examining the feasibility of energy generation and heat recovery through use of wastewater as a means of building decarbonisation.

Burning ambition from hydrogen
HV News, Nov 2017

A discussion about hydrogen as a renewable energy source and its potential value for heating.

Capturing a greener future
Gas International, Sept 2021

A discussion about the roles of green gases, carbon capture and storage, and hydrogen usage in building decarbonisation.

One for the archives
CIBSE Journal, Apr 2022

Case study of designing the ‘all-electric’ building services at library and study centre at St John's College, Oxford. 

  Carbon reduction


Operational performance
FMJ Apr 2021

Describes and compares two different types of carbon including embodied carbon and operating carbon.

Cutting embodied carbon
PFM Apr 2022

Explores some methods for reducing embodied carbon in buildings, including building insulation to mitigate heat loss. 

Infrastructure carbon capture
Building, Nov 2021

A feasibility analysis of the use of carbon capture as a means of carbon dioxide reduction.

Rethinking carbon-neutral built environment: urban dynamics and scenario analysis
Energy & Buildings, 15 Jan 2022

Considers the impact of demographic factors, energy efficiency and building design on carbon reduction in urban areas. 

In-use energy and carbon performance of a true zero carbon housing development in England
Science and Technology for the Built Environment, Jul-Dec 2021

Case study examines the in-use energy and carbon performance of a large housing development in England.

In-depth energy management key to achieving significant carbon savings
PFM Apr 2022

Case study of Cranfield University and their bid for carbon reduction and energy efficiency.



A smart future Modern
Building Services, Sept 2018

Smart controls, such as smart apps to monitor energy usage in buildings, could have a significant role in reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption.

What lies ahead  
CIBSE Journal, Nov 2021

Industry experts suggest how a typical building might look within fifty years, e.g. by 2050.