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BSRIA's legislation and guidance news tracker
This free news service monitors selected regulatory, guidance and news in construction, building design and building services. 

This tracker was last updated on 20/08/2020.

Highlights - recent | View all >>

  • The UK Government has launched a consultation on the updated waste management plan for England . The Consultation runs from 20th August to 15th October 2020. Read more here

  • The Welsh Government has launched a £9.5m programme to reduce housing carbon footprint on 19th August 2020. The Optimised Retrofit Programme (ORP), part of the Innovative Housing Programme, will fund the fitting of energy efficiency measures in up to 1000 existing homes owned by registered social landlords and councils. The investment package will lead to better homes, help tackle fuel poverty and contribute to decarbonisation. Read more here

  • The Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) has launched an apprentice support service, which was announced on 19th August 2020. The service has been launched to help find support, learning opportunities and additional employment for organisations struggling to find work for their apprentices.  Read more here

  • The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has announced that the UK has helped to reduce over 30 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions globally in the last nine years, according to climate finance data. The data has revealed that since 2011, UK aid investment has provided 33 million individuals with increased access to clean energy, installed 2000 MW of clean energy capacity, helped 66 million individuals to cope with the impact of climate change and leveraged £2.2bn of private finance to combat climate change. Read more here

  • The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) released guidance on use of face coverings in construction amid coronavirus (COVID-19) on 14th August 2020.  In its guidance "The Use of Face Coverings in Construction during Coronavirus (COVID-19)", it is proposed that employers make available face coverings as a minimum where workers are not required to wear respiratory protective equipment for their specific task and their workplace meets all of the following criteria: an enclosed space, where social distancing is not always possible, and where they come into contact with others they do not normally meet. Read more here.

  • The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has launched a Brexit Working Group ahead of IP completion day on 18th August 2020, to ‘produce and signpost business guidance and information to help the construction industry get ready and be prepared to maintain business continuity’ after 31 December 2020. Read more here.

  • The UK Government, as hosts of the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), has selected engineering, design and consultancy firm Arup to help it achieve its ambition of delivering a sustainable summit.  Read more here

  • The housing market gained momentum in July as the recovery continued, according to the July 2020 RICS UK Residential SurveyRead more here

  • The UK Government published its draft Building Safety Bill, part of its response to the fire at Grenfell Tower, which is intended to improve the regulatory regimes and standards for building and fire safety, on 20th July 2020. Read more here
    A legal review of the Bill was published by Lexis Nexis, on 17th August 2020. The review considers the purpose, key features and enforcement/compliance aspects of the draft legislation. Read more here (PDF).

  • A new Green Homes Grant, announced on 4th August 2020,  will give over 600,000 homeowners in England up to £10,000 to install insulation, heat pumps, draft proofing and more to help households cut energy bills. Read more here

  • The UK Government announced a Consultation on Carbon Emissions Tax, on 21st July 2020, which runs to 29th September 2020. Read more here
    Lexis Nexis published an expert review from a legal and tax perspective on 20th August 2020. Read more here (PDF)

  • A Heat Commission convened by the CBI and University of Birmingham on 22nd July 2020 - with leading industry figures - has called on the Government to ban the installation of conventional gas boilers in homes from 2025.  Read about the recommendation here.

  • The UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) has started a programme of research, announced on 23rd July 2020, to help the sector transform its approach to maximising resource recovery and achieve zero waste by 2050. The programme is looking to work with organisations with expertise in this field that will bring fresh ideas, new perspectives and a wealth of learning from other sectors. Read more here

What's new?

Regulations | View all >>

  • Deposit and Return Scheme for Scotland Regulations 2020. This is starting to come into force on 20th May 2020. Read more here

  • Sustainable Drainage (Approval and Adoption) (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2020. This was created on 18th May and came into force on 9th June 2020. Read more here

  • S S1 2020/155 Environmental Regulation (Enforcement Measures) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2020. This was created on 19th May 2020. Read more here

  • S SI 2020/129 The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Coronavirus) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2020. This was created on 23rd April 2020. Read more here

  • S SI 2020/draft Fuel Poverty (Targets, Definition and Strategy) (Scotland) Act 2019 (Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel and Consequential Amendments) Regulations 2020. This was created on 16th March 2020. Read more here

  • SI 2020/70 c.5 The Digital Economy Act 2017 (Commencement No. 7) Regulations 2020. This was created on 28th January 2020. Read more here

  • SI 2020/1052 The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme and Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (Amendment) Regulations 2019. This comes into force on 17th July 2020. Read more here

  • SI 2020/120 Sustainable Drainage (Enforcement) (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2020. This comes into force on 4th February. Read more here

  • SI 2020/115 Carbon Accounting (Provision for 2018) Regulations 2020. This comes into force on 28th February 2020. Read more here

  • SI 2020/116 The Electricity and Gas (Standards of Performance) (Suppliers) (Amendment) Regulations 2020. This came into force on 1st May 2020.  Read more here

  • SI 2020/96 Electricity and Gas (Internal Markets) Regulations 2020. This came into force on 25th February 2020. Read more here

  • SI 2020/116 Utilities Act 2000 (Amendment of Section 105) Order 2020. This came into force on 10th March 2020.  Read more here

  • SI 2020/0000 The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020. The Regulations are due to come into force on 1st April 2020. Read more here

  • SSI 2019/436 Environment (EU Exit) (Scotland) (Amendment etc) (No 2) Regulations 2019. This was created on 17th December 2019. Read more here

  • SI 2019/1499 Building (Amendment) (Wales) Regulations 2019. This was created on 13th December 2019 and came into force on 13th January 2020. Read more here

Legislation (Bill or Act)  View all Bills>> | View all Acts>>

  • Act: The Coronavirus Act
    This came into law on 25th March 2020, enabling many provisions to allow business, including the building planning sector and related industries, to operate effectively. For example, use of photographic evidence instead of site visits and use virtual planning committees for building control decisions have been approved. Read more here

  • Bill: Heat Networks (Scotland) Bill' 
    Scotland becomes the first country in the UK to legislate on the development of heat networks to help meet climate change targets and tackle fuel poverty.  The Bill is proposed for an Act of the Scottish Parliament, which will make provision for regulating the supply of thermal energy by a heat network, and for regulating the construction and operation of a heat network Read more here

  • Bill: Environment Bill
    A post Brexit Environment Bill was announced on 31st January 2020. The Bill focuses on 'improving air quality, protecting nature, increasing recycling and cutting down plastic waste.' The Public Committee Reading has now been postsponed until 25th June 2020. Read more here

  • Bill: Fire Safety Bill
    A new Fire Safety Bill has been introduced by the UK Government, on 19th March 2020.  The proposed Fire Safety Bill is a response to the Grenfell Tower Fire on 14 June 2017. It will amend the Fire Safety Order 2005 to clarify that the responsible person or duty-holder for multi-occupied, residential buildings must manage and reduce the risk of fire for: 1) The structure and external walls of the building, including cladding, balconies and windows; and 2) Entrance doors to individual flats that open into common parts. The bill will also provide a foundation for secondary legislation to take forward recommendations from the Grenfell Tower Inquiry phase one report. Read more here

  • Bill: Domestic Premises (Energy Performance) Bill [HL] 2019-20
    A Bill to require the Secretary of State to ensure that domestic properties have a minimum energy performance rating of C on an Energy Performance Certificate; to make provision regarding performance and insulation of new heating systems in existing properties; and for connected purposes. Read more here

  • Act: Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019 
    This Act amends the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 to make provision setting targets for the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions . Read more here

Consultations  | View all >> 

  • Consultation: UK Government
    A Consultation on 'Energy Performance of Buildings: changes to The Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2012, No. 3118'
    The UK Government is seeking views on the proposed changes to the Energy Performance of Buildings (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 to transpose part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive ((EU) 2018/844).  The Consultation runs from 19th May to 14th July 2020.  Read more here.

  • Consultation: UK Government
    A Consultation on 'Future support for low carbon heat' in the UK opened on 28th April 2020 and closes on 7th July 2020.  The UK Government is seeking views on options for the future support for low carbon heat, beyond the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Read more here

  • Consultation: National Grid
    Electricity System Operator launches Electricity Ten Year Statement for 2020. The National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) has published a consultation document explaining the structure of the 2020 Electricity Ten Year Statement (ETYS). The ETYS is included in the annual electricity transmission planning cycle and highlights the future transmission requirements of bulk power transfer capability likely to be adopted by the National Electricity System. The consultation ends on 15 May 2020 at 5pm. Read more here

  • Consultation: European Commission
    The European Commission has launched a public online Consultation inviting all stakeholders and citizens to submit their views on the 2030 climate ambition set by the EU. The Consultation is open from 31 March 2020 to 23 June 2020. Read more here

  • Consultation: UK Government 
    This Consultation review the use of combustible materials in external walls of buildings, which was started in January 2020 has been extended until 25th May 2020.  Read more here

  • Consultation: House building statistics: proposed changes
    This Consultation is seeking views on making changes to the content and focus of the long running House building; new build dwellings statistics series The Consultation runs from 26th March to 26th May 2020. Read more here

  • Consultation: Heat networks: building a market framework
    This Consultation seeks views on policy options for the development of a regulatory framework for heat networks to protect consumers, support market growth and develop low carbon networks. This Consultation runs from 6th February to 1st May 2020. Read more here

  • Consultation: First Homes
    This consultation seeks views on First Homes for local people, considering both the design of this policy and options for its implementation.  The Consultation runs from 7th February 2020 - 3rd April 2020. Read more here

  • Consultation: Environmental Agency launches consultation for new guidance tackling chemical waste
    The Environment Agency (EA) has announced a consultation relating to its new proposed guidance regarding the facilities that handle chemical waste. The EA has outlined the aims of the guidance, citing improvements to the design and operation of facilities within the chemical waste sector as a key objective. The EA intend to ensure that the appropriate measures for permitted facilities are applied consistently. The consultation is open to relevant stakeholders and will close on 6 April 2020. Read more here

  • Consultation: Fire safety: risk prioritisation in existing buildings – a call for evidence
    The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has launched a consultation on fire risk prioritisation in existing buildings. Views are sought on the assessment and prioritisation of fire safety risks and on how to improve the understanding of building risk, to ensure an appropriate level of safety in existing buildings. The consultation closes on 17 February 2020. Read more here

  • Consultation: The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and International Fire Safety Standard (IFSS) have collaborated with a coalition of over 70 international organisations to develop a new fire safety global standard called 'Fire Safety Standard Common Principles'. A Consultation was launched start the project and will end on 23rd March 2020. Read more here

  • Consultation: The BIM Alliance is looking for industry feedback to their latest BIM guidance titled 'Guidance Part 2: Processes for Project Delivery' (Third Edition).  The guide was published in support of the international ISO 19650 BIM standards. It has also announced that the Construction Industry Council has agreed to release an updated BIM Protocol. The framework is being sponsored by CIC, BSI, CDBB and UK BIM Alliance . Read more here

  • Consultation: Cash retentions in Scottish public and private sector construction contracts
    The Scottish government has opened a consultation seeking comment on the practice of cash retention in public and private sector construction contracts in Scotland. The Consultation runs from 4th December 2019 to 25th March 2020. Read more here

  • Consultation: Request for comment on BIM Guideline and Guidance
    This offers a BIM (building informatino modelling) guideline for the implementation of BEP and EIR which is based on EN ISO 19650 and CEN/TR Guidance for understanding and using EN ISO 29481-1. Read more here

  • Consultation on the amendments to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations for new dwellings for Wales.
    The Consultation ran from 19th January 2020 to 12th March 2020. Read more here

Guidance  | View all>>

  • The UK BIM Framework has published its fourth edition of 'Guidance Part 2: Processes for Project Delivery'. This was published on on 30th April 2020 and is designed to help practitioners in the UK to implement building information modelling (BIM). Read more here

  • The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) has published its annual update on air quality on 23rd April 2020, detailing concentrations of major air pollutants in the UK for 2019. Read more here

  • The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) updates its guide , 'The Policy Playbook: Driving sustainability in new homes - a resource for local authorities,' to include a revised chapter on designing acoustics in new buildings. Read more here

  • New circular economy action plan has been published for Europe. On 11 March 2020, as part of the EU’s European Green Deal, the European Commission adopted a new Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP). Read more here

  • The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) offers guidance on site operating procedures during the coronavirus pandemic, aimed at protecting the workforce and minimising the spread of infection. March 2020. Read more here

  • Government guidance outlines procedure for reporting fluorinated gases. Two documents relating to fluorinated gases (F gas) and ozone depleting substances (ODS) have been published. In one document, the Defra and the Environment Agency have provided guidance on how to comply with F gas and ODS regulations from 1 January 2021.  Read more here
    The other publication deals with how to trade during the transition period. Read more here 

  • The London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) has published 'Climate Emergency Design Guide: How new buildings can meet UK climate change targets'. The guide outlines requirements for new buildings to ensure climate change targets are met. Read more here

  • RIBA has published guidance on targeting, designing and evaluating sustainable outcomes for buildings, that correspond to key UN Sustainable Development Goals and can be delivered on building projects of all scales.defining a concise measurable set of eight sustainable outcomes. Read more here

  • The UK Government has release a report: 'Living with beauty: report of the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission' to promote and increase the use of high-quality design for new build homes and neighbourhoods. Read more here

  • The BIM Alliance is looking for industry feedback to the latest BIM guidance in to support of the implementation of new international ISO 19650 BIM standards. It also announced that the Construction Industry Council has agreed to release an updated BIM Protocol. The framework is being sponsored by CIC, BSI, CDBB and UK BIM Alliance . Read more here

  • The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has announced energy reduction targets for offices to support its earlier publication "‘Net Zero Carbon Buildings: A Framework Definition (April 2019)."  These targets were announced on 14th January 2020.  Read more here

  • British Standards and ECA has announced an update on 3rd February 2020 to the 18th Editions of the Wiring Regulations BS 7671: 2018. The update contains the updated Section 722 (Electric Vehicle Charging Installations), Amendment 1 and comes into effect immediatelyAmendment 1 follows advances in technology enabling a more practical solution for electric vehicle charging installations.  Read more here.

Policy and strategy  |  View all>>

  • The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government has issued further guidance for Building Control Bodies in relation to operation during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The Guidance was [published on 21st April 2020 and covers 
  • new/temporary healthcare buildings and related facilities, as well as general guidance for operating during the current period. The changes are designed to enable essential building work to be carried out quickly, ‘without undue administrative burden’, while maintaining essential health and safety requirements. Read more here 

  • International Energy Agency releases Global Energy Review amid coronavirus (COVID-19) on 30th April, 2020. According to the IEA, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic ‘has major implications for global economies, energy use and CO2 emissions’ and its analysis of ‘daily data through mid-April [2020] shows that countries in full lockdown are experiencing an average 25% decline in energy demand per week and countries in partial lockdown an average 18% decline’. Read more here

  • Renewable Heat Incentive schemes to change under government plans.
    The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has published a notice on 28th April 2020 detailing the changes to be made to the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) schemes. Principal among the changes are the extension of the domestic RHI scheme for an additional year until 31 March 2022, and the introduction of a new flexible allocation of tariff guarantees under the non-domestic RHI scheme. Read more here

  • The Scottish Government has released guidance on 7th April for the construction sector in Scotland during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The guidance confirms that work on construction sites in Scotland should stop unless it is supporting an essential project during coronavirus. Read more here

  • The Welsh Government has provided guidance on 23rd April for building control bodies during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. There is also guidance for building control bodies on operating on non-healthcare related buildings during the pandemic. Read more here

  • The Construction Leadership Council has launched a Construction Industry Task Force on 4th April to provide a focal point for co-ordinating the industry response to Covid19. Read more here 

  • UK Government Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick MP sets out proposals to 'bring Britain’s planning system into the 21st century' (12th March).  Key plans include: 1) encouraging developers encouraged to build upwards and above stations; 2) creating a new map of brownfield sites to make the most of unused land; and 3) a proposal to turn disused buildings into homes more quickly. Read more here

  • The Spring Budget 2020, 11th March 2020. A review of the budget and what it means for UK infrastructure, house-building and planning. The government announced a new £1bn building safety fund in the Spring Budget, to fund the removal and replacement of unsafe non-ACM cladding on buildings 18m and over in both the private and social sectors.Read more about the Budget here (PDF);
    and read more about the building safety fund here

  • The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has released its Annual Monitoring Report which sets out the priorities for the government throughout 2020. The report outlines the NIC's views on the government’s progress against its recommendations in 2019 and its priorities for the government throughout 2020.  Read more here

  • Ofgem publishes Decarbonisation Action Plan: 'Rewiring Britain for a net zero future'.  The strategy includes: building a system that supports the growth of renewables and ten million electric vehicles on our roads by 2030; supports development of an offshore grid to enable a four-fold increase in offshore wind generation by 2030; and also sets up an innovation fund focused on unlocking investment in innovative solutions to tackle climate change

  • The government has pledged a £90m package for renewable energy in an effort to bring down CO2 emissions from homes and heavy industry. The government hopes to reduce carbon emissions by up to 80% and to remove 3.2 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere by utilising local energy projects throughout the UK.  This new investment includes funding for Europe’s first hydrogen plants, which could generate enough energy to heat 200,000 homes. Read more here

  • New protections for thousands of consumers on heat networks. The Government announced plans on 6th February 2020 for new protections for households on heat networks, making sure customers are paying a fair price and getting a good service.  Read more here

  • The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) has amended the Clean Air Zone Framework. The framework contains the principles elaborated on by Defra that local authorities should follow when setting up Clean Air Zones. The changes concern the minimum classes and standards for Clean Air Zones which divide the road transport into four classes. Local authorities are expected to use the most recent version.  Read more here

  • The government has published its response to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry's Phase 1 report published on 21st January 2020, which presents recommendations for actions already taken and to be taken by the government, the London Fire Brigade and all Fire and Rescue Services. Read more here

  • A  new Government Innovation Council has commenced,  the new Regulatory Horizon Council, which is a government-backed committee to ensure that UK regulation keeps pace with innovation and enables it to thrive while safeguarding the public. Read more here

  • Housing Secretary announces the new Building Safety Regulator within the Health and Safety Executive, to be established immediately. Government committed to delivering the biggest change in building safety for a generation. Building owners who have not taken action to make their buildings safe will be named from March 2020. Read more here

  • The Scottish government has announced that new regulations will be developed to require all new homes to use renewable or low carbon heating from 2024. This will happen alongside the phasing in of renewable and low carbon heating systems to non-domestic buildings given consent to build from 2024. The new initiatives form part of Scotland’s efforts to tackle climate change. Read more here

  • The UK Government has announced plans to publish a national infrastructure strategy
    This will set out the details of the its pledge to invest £100bn in infrastructure. The strategy will also set out the government’s long-term ambitions across ‘all areas of economic infrastructure, including transport, local growth, decarbonisation, digital infrastructure, infrastructure finance and delivery. Read more here


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