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Facilities Management

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Job Description

Facilities Managers are responsible for making sure the building services function correctly after construction has been completed.

This role can be split into to two main areas: Hard Facilities Management (Hard FM) and Soft FM. Hard FM refers to those who specialise in areas of the physical functions and maintenance of the building, where as, Soft FM refers to areas that specialise in the services provided by the building to people.

They are also involved in the design stage of the project, in order to try and alleviate any future problems that could arise with the building.

They build relationships with and manage suppliers as well as co-ordinating building services and ensuring that clients/businesses are getting what they need from the building.

Entry Routes and Competencies Required


  • Subjects such as Facilities Management, Property or Estates Management
  • Necessary for more senior roles
  • Postgraduate conversion courses accredited by the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM)

NVQ Level 3

  • In subjects such as Facilities Management
  • Qualifications provided by BIFM or the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)


  • Vital for those without a degree

Salary Range

Salaries vary depending on experience, the company and location of the job. However. per year, you could expect to earn:

  • Newly trained Manager - £21,800 - £26,000
  • Trained Manager with experience - £26,000 - £39,000
  • Senior or Chartered Manager - £39,000 - £45,500

Professional Qualifications and Career Development

It is possible to work towards gaining professional qualifications with BIFM or ILM.

Facilities Managers also have the oppotunity to specialise into different areas of Facilities Management. This can include specfic industries or building types as well as Hard FM or Soft FM.

References and Useful Resources