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We recognise that in an information-rich age, everyone is pressed for time and it can be a challenge to keep up to speed with new research, and find good-quality information when you need it.

BSRIA's library holds over 80, 000 items, including books, conference papers, industry journals, reports and standards on all aspects of building services and it can be hard to know where to begin to make best use of it. These topic guides can help lead you in the right direction.

Relaunching our topic guides in 2015 they are to help you find out what resources are available from BSRIA and beyond and to provide an easy point of reference across our services, publications and expertise. We also aim to provide industry expert insight to show readers there is more to the topic than they may have first thought.

The Topic Guides are free for anyone to download including non-members. A simple registration/login is required prior to download.


TG 15/2019 Green Building and Sustainability
This Topic Guide explains the concepts of green building and sustainability, and outlines some of the available assessment methods including BREEAM and Passivhaus. It also lists sources of further information about the topic.

TG 19/2019 Soft Landings and Business-Focused Maintenance
Soft Landings is a process that, if adopted at the early stages of a construction project, can help the client and the project delivery team to deliver a building that meets the client’s expectations. Business-focused maintenance (BFM) provides a methodology for utilising maintenance budgets more effectively to ensure the most critical assets are maintained whilst the less critical assets are managed as well as possible within budget. This topic guide aims to inform those involved in the design, construction and operation of a building about how an effective BFM regime can be developed and achieved through the Soft Landings approach.

TG 18/2019 Copper Corrosion
Copper pipework is widely used in the building services industry for water distribution. It has been a popular choice due to its relatively high corrosion resistance, malleability and durability. However, certain types of corrosion do occur, and many have been observed first-hand by BSRIA. This guide looks at some of these corrosion problems, together with ways to avoid them. Some background on pipe chemistry in water systems has also been included.

TG 17/2019 Offsite Construction for Building Services
Offsite construction is a general term for making parts of a building away from the construction site before transporting them and installing them in their final location. In the building services sector, installing various mechanical and electrical systems on a live construction site can be challenging, with limited space, health and safety considerations, working around other contractors, and often all to a demanding programme. This topic guide describes the forms that offsite construction of building services can take, and discusses some of the surrounding issues..


TG14/2017 - At a Glance - 3D Printing
BSRIA has launched a 3D Printing Guide to answer the how?, what? and why? and highlight the benefits especially its accuracy and speed. Launched this week, the At a Glance Guide offers quick facts and key issues on a myriad of “need to know issues”.

TG08/2017 At a Glance - Legionella (Update)

This topic guide offers at-a-glance reference information to the issues of legionella bacteria, regulatory and guidance frameworks, advice and further reading.


TG10/2016 At a Glance - Wellbeing

The guide is aimed at those looking for introductory information about wellbeing including definition, impact and importance. The guide details the different factors such as thermal comfort, noise and indoor air quality.

TG11/2016 At a Glance - Standards
This topic guide is for those who use Standards as part of their work or studies but need clarification on the importance of Standards and what some of the statuses actually mean. The aim of the guide is to answer the simple questions about the nature of standards so users can focus on the content.

TG12/2016 At a Glance - Indoor Air Quality
The guide is aimed at those looking for introductory information about indoor air quality including definition, history and prevalence. There is also information on types of contaminants and their exposure limits as well as providing readers with a useful site map.

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