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A business’s most valuable asset is the staff who deliver the work of the organisation. Healthy staff are fundamental to ensuring a company remains efficient and profitable and in turn allows the UK to remain one of the most prosperous and best places to work and live. A large part of an employee’s life is spent at work; therefore employers are an important part in helping their worker’s achieve a good quality of life.

Building design can play a tangible part in improving wellbeing. There is nothing new about this idea as some will remember the ‘sick building syndrome’ discussions in the eighties. However over the past few years health and wellbeing in a building has considerably moved up the agenda of the top building users and land lords know that an efficient building yields more rent. It is also no secret that we are all living and working for longer, so businesses have needed to adapt to ensure all employees can utilise the building.

Technology has also had an impact on this with personal devices we can easily connect with which tell us how much we’ve moved, what our blood pressure is, healthy eating ideas to name but a few. Building management is also more connected to the Internet of Things etc.

BSRIA recognises that it members need the latest information on a diverse range of building services. Health and Wellbeing is a new area which will be covered through the networks.

The Buildings 4 Wellbeing Network will look at areas of research, information and measurement that can help support members achieve healthy places to live and work. Find out how BSRIA can help your building imrpove occupants wellbeing here.

Engineering Wellbeing 29th March 2019



Case study: WELL and Fitwel
Georgia Elliott Smith, The Fourfront Group

How do FMs deliver a healthy environment?
Nick Blake, BSRIA

Wellness Matters
Professor Derek Clements-Croome, University of Reading

Causes, effects and mitigation of overheating in buildings
Dmitri Korolenko, BuroHappold

Ant Wilson MBE, AECOM

Engineering Wellbeing 2nd November 2018


Introduction to the Buildings 4 Wellbeing Network
Michelle Agha Hossein, BSRIA

Wellness Matters
Professor Derek Clements-Croome University of Reading

The interaction of plants with environmental quality of the building
Jenny Berger, Reading University

The Benefits of Plants
Naomi Jenkins, Green Team Interiors

Case study of a Wellbeing Standard Building
Simon Wyatt, Cundall

How Wellbeing has been considered in the 62-storey office building: the 'twenty two' project
James McAllister, WSP

Summing up - Engineering Wellbeing
Ant Wilson MBE, AECOM


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