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BSRIA’s Smart Network, which held its inaugural meeting in London in October 2017, is a response to the global revolution that is transforming the world of building services.

From smart homes to building automation and building energy management, systems rely increasingly on the collection, processing and analysis of vast volumes of information which can then be used not just to identify and prevent potential problems but to optimise system performance, leading ultimately to systems capable of self-learning and artificial intelligence.

This not only helps to reduce the cost of running a building, including energy and maintenance costs, but also to improve levels of resilience and of comfort and hence productivity. All of this is supported both by cloud technology, enabling an overview of data from a wide range of buildings and other sources, and by the Internet of Things (IoT) which means that almost all devices can be connected to the web.

Challenges and risks include security – and in particular cyber security, and ensuring that skills and understanding are adequate at all levels from design to day to day operations.

Anyone involved in building services needs to get to grips with this, whether as a manufacturer, installer, designer, consultant, installer, operations or facility manager, building owner or building occupier. Those who fail to do so are likely to be side-lined.

The BSRIA Smart Network will provide an essential two way channel:

  1. Helping BSRIA members to keep up to date with the key trends in smart technology, the opportunities that they present, and also the potential challenges and threats, and how the industry is likely to change as a result. Depending on members’ interests this will include the commercial, the technical, the organisation and the social impact of smart technology.
  2. To provide members with an outlet to explain what they are hoping to get out of smart technology, and how they are rising to the challenges.

Aiming to meet approximately four times a year, the network will each time focus on particular issues of interest to members. Network meetings will include presentations from both BSRIA professionals and from other industry experts, and will also provide the opportunity for frank discussion, either in the form of a workshop or a more informal discussion.

The aim will be to produce some definite conclusions from each meeting, which members can then use to help develop their own strategies for dealing with the smart building revolution.

Past Events

BSRIA Smart Network Inaugural Meeting - 6th October 2017 London

With the Internet of Things (IoT) meaning that almost every device inside and outside of buildings can be given a degree of ‘intelligence’ and linked in to the internet, and with Cloud computing offering almost limitless power to collect and analyse information about every aspect of building services, smart buildings are rapidly moving from a ‘niche’ area into one that will impact on everybody who lives or works in buildings, which means all of us.

Download the presentations here:

Smart Engineering - 23rd February 2018 London

This Smart Network meeting focused on ways to build up Smart skills and bring them together, and included the views of a range of industry experts. This provided an opportunity to continue to shape the future of building services.

Download the presentations here:


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